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Broadway/America - 1988

Philip Casnoff (Freddie), Judy Kuhn (Florence), David Carroll (Anatoly), Marcia Mitzman (Svetlana), Harry Goz (Molokov), Paul Harman (The Arbiter)

Belgium  - 1993/1995

Hans Peter Janssen, Hilde Norga, Addo Kruinzinga

Chess in concert
Broadway/America - September 21, 2003

Julia Murney (Florence), Josh Groban (The Russian; Anatoly), Adam Pascal (The American: Freddie), Sutton Foster (Svetlana), Raúl Esparza (The Arbiter), Norm Lewis (Molokov) 

BCEFA Pro video of the one night only Actors' Fund Benefit Concert at the New Amsterdam Theatre A+

The Netherlands - 2007

Henk Poort, Joke de Kruiff, Ben Kramer

Professional recording Complete show including soundcheck. Dubble DVD Very rare!

Chess in Concert
Londen (The Royal Albert Hall)/England - 2008

Introduced by Tim Rice with Josh Groban as Anatoly Sergievsky, Idina Menzel as Florence, Adam Pascal as Frederick Trumper and Kerry Ellis as Svetlana. Außerdem: David Bedella, Clarke Peters, Marti Pellow. 

Dresden/Germany - 2008

Femke Soetenga, Christian Gryga, Chris Murray, Matthias Otte, Maria Staszak, Gerd Wiemer, Marcus Günzel, Constanze Eschrig, Inka Lange und Jeannette Oswald, Martin Gebhardt und Tanja Höft, Roland Pietzsch, Dag Hornschild

Newcastle (UK Tour)/England - 2010

James Fox (Freddie Trumper), Shona White (Florence Vassy), Daniel Koek (Anatoly Sergievsky), Poppy Tierney (Svetlana Sergievsky), David Erik (The Arbiter), James Graeme (Walter de Courcey), Steve Varnom (Alexander Molokov)

Really nicely staged actor/musician take on the show. Missing the curtain call

Bielefeld/Germany - October 9, 2011

Alex Melcher / Veit Schäfermeier / Roberta Valentini / Karin Seyfried / Jens Janke / Frank Bahrenberg / Michael Pflumm / Julia Dietsch / Vincenzo Cassone / Ramon Riemarzik / Lutz Laible / Thomas Doer 

Songs in English

Pforzheim/Germany - February 17, 2015

Femke Soetenga (Florence Vassy), Yvonne Luithlen (Svetlana Sergievsky), Chris Murray (Frederick Trumper), Andrea Matthias Pagani (Anatoly Sergievsky), Klaus Geber (Alexander Molokov), Aykan Aydin (Walter de Courcy), Benjamin Savoie (Arbiter), Aline Münz/ Gitte Pleyer/ Laura Wick (Pop Choir), Ingo Wagner (Reporter), Manuela Wagner (Reporter)

Some obstruction with heads, but otherwise a great capture

Chess - MP4
Korea - June 21, 2015

Lee Geon-myeong, Lee Jeong-hwa, Kim Beop-rae, Park Seon-woo

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