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[title of show]
Broadway/America - July 6, 2008

Jeff Bowen, Hunter Bell, Susan Blackwell, Heidi Blickenstaff, Larry Pressgrove

Second preview, the first 13 minutes are pretty much blackout

3 musketiers
Rotterdam/The Netherlands - March 24/25, 2003

Official cast, with Bastiaan Ragas, Tooske Breugum, Stanley Burleson, Pia Douwes, Ellen Evers, Henk Poort, Cees Geel, Willemijn Verkaik, Joost de Jong

Official DVD, Multi Camera Pro Shot A++, Complete show including extra's

3 musketiers  
Rotterdam/The Netherlands - 2003

Joost de Jong (alternate), Ellen Evers (1ste understudy Milady, Willemijn Verkaik (1ste understudy Queen Anna). The rest is first cast.

B quality amateur recording with generation loss

3 Musketiers - Last from Pia or Ellen? - Limited trade
Rotterdam/The Netherlands - Augst 23, 2003

Bastiaan Ragas, Tooske van Breugem, Pia Douwes, Ellen Evers, Henk Poort, Cees Geel eo

Beautifull Capture

3 Musketiers - Derniere for Pia
Berlin/Germany - October 30, 2005

Pia Douwes, Sabrina wrecklin, Patrick Stanke ao

Derniere for Pia ao.  Steady filming, feels like pro shot, mostly wider/full stage shots. for me, not enough close ups. A

3 Musketiers
Berlin/Germany - December 18, 2005

Patrick Stanke (D'Artagnan), Sabrina Weckerlin (Constance), Ann Christin Elverum (Milady de Winter u/s), Marc Clear (Richelieu u/s), Karim Khwatmi (Athos u/s), Tobias Weis (Porthos), Mathias Sanders (Aramis), Susanna Panzner (Queen Anna u/s), Norbert Kohler (King Louis XIII), Nikolas Geredell (Duke of Buckingham), Patrick Stamme (James / Conférencier)

3 musketiers
Stuttgart/Germany - December 23, 2006

Rasmus Borkowski (D’Artagnan), Pia Douwes (Milady de Winter), Ethan Freeman (Kardinal Richelieu), Marc Clear (Athos), Enrico De Pieri (Porthos), Jens Janke (Aramis), Annemieke van Dam (Constance), Sabrina Harper (Königin Anna), Peter Stassen (König Ludwig XIII), Paul Stampehl (Rochefort), Kevin Tarte (Herzog von Buckingham), Gerben Grimmius (James/Conférencier)

3 Musketiers
Tecklenburg/Germany - 2010

Thomas Hohler, Femke Sotenga, Yngve Gasoy-Romdal, Lisa Antoni, Marc Clear, Enrico de Pieri, Jens Janke, Wietske van Tongeren

One camera pro-shot. Mostly wide-shots, camera doesn't zoom in far. Missing smalls

3 Musketeers
Tecklenburg/Germany - July 10, 2010

Thomas Hohler (D'Artagnan), Femke Soetenga (Milady de Winter), Yngve Gasoy‐Romdal (Richelieu), Lisa Antoni (Constance), Marc Clear (Athos), Enrico de Pieri (Porthos), Jens Janke (Aramis), Wietske van Tongeren (Queen Anna), Stefan Poslovski (James / Conférencier)

Multicam Proshot

9 to 5 - Last preview
LA/America- October 19, 2008

Allison Janney, Stephanie J. Block, Megan Hilty, Marc Kudisch, Kathy Fitzgerald, Andy Karl. 

Last pre-Broadway performance

9 to 5
Broadway/America - April 11, 2009

Allison Janney, Megan Hilty, Stephanie J. Block, Marc Kudisch, Kathy Fitzgerald, Ann Harada, Andy Karl, Ioana Alfonso. 

Beautiful capture of this amazing show. Terrific show with so much talent and wonderful fun songs. Stephanie continues to knock it out of the park, Megan is pure perfection and Allison comedic time is hilarious.

9 to 5
Broadway/America - June 21, 2009

Alison Janey (Violet), Gaelen Gilliland (Judy u/s), Megan Hilty (Doralee), Mark Kudisch (Mr Hart),  Andy Karl (Joe), Kathy Fitzgerrald (Roz), Jessica Lea Patty (Maria u/s), Ann Harada (Kathy), Lisa Howard (Missy), Karen Murphey (Margerat), Maia Nkenge Wilson (Anita), Tory Ross (Daphne), Charlie Pollick (Dwyane), Van Huges (Josh), Jeremy Davis (Bob), Dan Cooney (Dick), Michael X. Martin (Tinsworthy)

9 to 5 - Derniere
Broadway/America - September 6, 2009

Allison Janney, Stephanie J. Block, Megan Hilty, Marc Kudisch, Kathy Fitzgerald, Andy Karl

Closing night on Broadway. Wonderful performance. Clear video&audio. Missing smalls

9 to 5
Tour (Memphis)/America - November 6, 2010

Dee Hoty (Violet), Mamie Parris (Judy), Diana DeGarmo (Doralee), Gregg Goodbrod (Joe), Kristine Zbornick (Roz), Joseph Mahowald (Mr Hart), Michelle Marmojelo (Maria),Jane Blass (Margaret), April Nixon (Kathy), Wayne Shcroder (Dick), Micah Shepard (Dwayne), Jesse JP Johnon (Josh), Paul Castree (Bob), Wayne Schroder (Mr Tinsworthy), Holly Davis (Missy), Ashley Moniz (Candy Striper), Randy Aaron (Ensemble), Patrick Boyd (Ensemble), Janet Dickinson (Ensemble), Ryah Nixon (Ensemble), Rick Passagno (Ensemble). 

9 to 5
Beverly (MA)/America -  September/October 2012

Dee Hoty (Violet Newstead), Holly Davis (Judy Bernley), Shayla Osborn (Doralee Roberts), George Dvorsky (Franklin Hart, Jr.), Kathy St. George (Roz Keith)

Presented “in-the-round” by the North Shore Music Theatre.  Filmed using once camera on a tripod with audio patched in from the sound board.  The disc also includes a three minute highlights montage used for promotional purposes

13 The Musical  - Try out
Connecticut/America - May 22, 2008

Graham Phillips, Aaron Simon Gross, Allie Trimm, Eric Nelsen, Elizabeth Egan Gillies, Ashton Smallings, Kyle Crews, Alberto Calderon, Eamon Foley, Joey LaVarco, Ariana Grande, Caitlin Gann, Taylor Bright

Some blackouts and coverups here and there but generally a very good production and a great recording of this show.

13 The Musical
Broaddway/America - December 29, 2008

Graham Phillips (Evan), Allie Trimm (Patrice), Aaron Simon Gross (Archie), Eric Nelsen (Brett), Delaney Moro (Kendra), Elizabeth Gilles (Lucy), Ariana Grande (Charlotte), Al Calderon (Eddie), Malik Hammond (Malcolm), Eamon Foley (Richie), Caitlin Gann (Molly), Joey La Varco (Simon), Brynn Williams (Cassie)

A great show with many changes made from the Pre Broadway show. Some blackouts but nothing too awful or too long, a few seconds max!

Mechelen (De Nekkerhal)/Belgium - June 5, 2014

Jelle Cleymans, Jonas van Geel, Bert Verbeke, Free Souffriau, Jo de Meyere, Peter van der Velde, Maaike Cafmeyer, Louis Talpe, Kander Depoortere, Jan Decleir. 

Pro Shot, complete show

20 Jahre Musicals
Essen/Germany - February 13, 2017

Pia Douwes, Uwe Kröger, Andreas Bieber, Nina Janke, Jan Ammann, Roberta Valentini, Alexander Klaws, Dominik Hees, Annika Bruhns, Kristin Hölck, Alex Melcher, Matthias Bollwerk, Anne Görner, David Arnsperger, Carsten Lepper, Maricel, Jörg Zuch, and more.

24 Stunden Musicals
Ahrensberg/Germany - November 03, 2014

Lisa Antoni, Silke Braas, Charlotte Heinke, Marja Hennicke, Diana Böge-Mercoli, Jennifer Siemann, Wietske van Tongeren, David Arnsperger, Andreas Bieber, Enrico De Pieri, Mathias Edenborn, André Haedicke, Martin Pasching, Drew Sarich, Lucius Wolter, Nicky Wuchinger

25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, the 
San Francisco/America - May 21, 2006

Aaron J. Albano, Stanley Bahorek, Jenni Barber, Jim Cashman, Jared Gertner, James Monroe Iglehart, Sara Inbar, Greta Lee, Betsy Wolfe

39 Steps
Broadway/America - June 13, 2009

Annie Burton, Charles Edwards, Jennifer Ferrin, Cliff Saunders

Very funny spoof of Alfred Hitchcock mystery films with a terrific cast!

42nd Street
US Tour (Chicago)/America - March 09, 2016

Caitlin Ehlinger, Matthew J. Taylor, Kaitlin Lawrence, Britte Steele, Steven Bidwell, Blake Stadnik, Mark Fishback, Natalia Hagan, Lamont Brown. 

Beautiful HD capture with no obstructions of the brand new tour. This production has a fast pace and such high energy dance numbers. A really stunning tour that had the audience cheering, highly recommended!

42nd street
US Tour, America - June 7, 2016

Caitlin Ehlinger, Matthew J Taylor, Kaitlin Lawrence,  Britte Steele, Steven Bidwell, Mark Fishback, DJ Canaday, Blake Stadnik, Natalia Lepore Hagan, Carlos Morales, Lamont Brown, Rob Ouellette, Vanessa Mitchell, Sarah Fagan, Mallory Nolting, Matthew Alexander, Emily Blake Anderson, Brittany Bigelow, Allison Blanchard, Molly Jean Blodgett, Taylore Burke, Mitchell Canfield, Joel Chambers, Kahlia Davis, Tricia DeSario, Lucia Foster, Kelly Gleason, Patrick Heffernan, Tommy Joscelyn, Brady Miller, Mandy Modic, Georgina Moore, Courtney Moran, Jocelyn Moss, Alicia Newcom, Andrew Winans.
A fantastic capture of the current tour. The ensemble is the standout here; the dance numbers are absolutely incredible. There is no obstruction, just one quick dropout in act one, and only some slight washout in a few of the wider shots. It’s filmed in 16:9, with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. The sound is excellent. Includes curtain call, finale, and playbill scans. A

50 shades! The Musical - MP4
Off Broadway/America - 2014

Amber Petty, Daniel Bently, Chris Grace, Alex Varcas, Tim Murray, Casey Rogers, Chloe Williamson, Ashley Ward, Kaitlyn Frotton and David Andino 

Funny to watch this!

100 Jahre Musical
Hamburg/Germany - March 23, 2015

Pia Douwes, Uwe Kröger 

110 in the Shade
Broadway/America - April 17, 2007

Audra McDonald, John Cullum, Chris Butler, Carla Duren, Christopher Innvar  

1776 - Encores! in concert
Off Broadway/America - April 2, 2016

Santino Fontana, John Larroquette, Christiane Noll, Bryce Pinkham, John Behlmann, Nikki Renee Daniels, Alexander Gemignani. 

Wonderful HD capture of the Encores series concert. Excellent performances from the whole cast. Within the first 30 minutes there are a few short spots filmed around a head, far left side. During the long debate scene there is a 9 minute blackout during dialouge to adjust. A-

1789 Les Amants De La Bastillel - MKV
Paris/France - 2013

Louis Delort (Roman Mazurier), Camille Lou (Olympe du Puget), Rod Janois (Camille Desmoulins), Roxane Le Texier (Marie-Antoinette d'Autriche), Sébastien Agius (Maximilien Robespierre), Nathalia (Solène).

Pro-Shot with hardcoded subs (in greek?)


Broadway/America - July 1, 2017

Tom Sturridge, Olivia Wilde, Reed Birney, Wayne Duvall, Carl Hendrick Louis, Nick Mills. 

Excellent HD capture of George Orwell's iconic novel. This controversial and graphic Big Brother play had multiple people leaving their seats.

Above The Fold 
Pasadena (CA)/America - February 02, 2014

Taraji P. Henson, Arye Gross, Kristopher Higgins, Mark Kildreth, Kristy Johnson, Joe Massingill, Seamus Muicahy

No blackouts, no obstruction, and no washout; filmed in 16:9 with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. Excellent sound and includes curtain call. 2 DVDs A

Abschlussgala des NRW-Tages
Hamm/Germany - June 28, 2009

Uwe Kröger, Pia Douwes, Anna Montanaro, Jesper Tydén

Picture: 6/10, Sound: 8/10

Absolut Uwe - Das Geburtstagskonzert - Limited trade
Vienna/Austria - 2004

Uwe Kröger, Pia Douwes

Commercial Proshot, A+ Quality

Absolut Uwe - Promotion concert
Simmering/Austria - June 19, 2010

Uwe Kröger, Pia Douwes

Picture: 9/10, Sound: 9/10

Absolut Uwe - NFT
Kufstein/Germany - August 5, 2010

Uwe Kröger, Pia Douwes

Pia’s birthday

Absolulty Phantomless - Limited trade
Australia - April 13, 1995

The Australian cast of Phantom of the Opera in their annual Easter Charity Concert. Each of Cameron McIntosh's Australian shows participates at midnight after their regular performances. These shows feature the cast members parodying songs and other shows, with a slight tilt towards their own productions. Pro-shot for video, these tapes were made for cast and crew only. Very rare! Very enjoyable show

Absolventenpräsentationen Oliver Arno - Limited trade
Austria/Vienna (Konservatorium Wien) - 2007

Oliver Arno, Iréna Flury, Sandra Högl, Jan Hutter, Birgit Radeschnig, Nicole Radeschnig, Elisabeth Sikora, Bernhard Viktorin

Olivers Grad-Presentation. Multi-cam pro-shot, but the picture quality isn't the greatest. 

Act of god, an - Limited trade
Broadway/America - July 15, 2015 

Jim Parsons, Christopher Fitzgerald, Tim Kazurinsky. 

Excellent HD capture of this hilarious show. Jim did a terrific job as God and was such a fun show. Everything you ever wanted to know about God and his choices are answered here! A

Act of God, an
US Tour (LA)/America - February 14, 2016

God: Sean Hayes, Michael: David Josefsberg, Gabriel: James Gleason

Sean Hayes is absolutely hysterical as God. The show is full of great adlibs, one-liners, and recent pop-culture references, many of which are different from the Broadway version. This is a near perfect capture with no washout, no obstruction, and just one quick dropout. The show is 90 minutes with no intermission. It’s filmed in 16:9 with mostly close-ups and a few wider shots. The sound is excellent. Includes curtain call and playbill scans.

Act of God, an
Broadway/America - July 24, 2016

God: Sean Hayes, Michael: David Josefsberg, Gabriel: James Gleason

Beautiful HD capture of the Broadway Revival, with Sean as God for the return engagement and current jokes. Some great adlibs when latecomers take nearly 2 minutes getting into their seats. Also when he puts the phone in the goblet and misses, then references Patti Lupone! A+

Act One
Broadway/America - June 14, 2014

Tony Shaloub, Santino Fontana, Andrea Martin, Bob Ari, Bill Army, Will Brill, Laurel Casillo, Chuck Cooper, Steven Kaplan, Will LeBow, Mimi Lieber, Charlotte Maier, Noah Marlowe, Greg McFadden, Deborah Offner, Lance Roberts, Matthew Saldivar, Matthew Schechter, Jonathan Spivey, Wendy Rich Stetson, Bob Stillman, Amy Warren

Pro-shot. Lincoln Center Theater presented ACT ONE, wonderfully adapted for the stage by Tony Award-winning writer and director James Lapine (Sunday in the Park with George, Into the Woods). A cast of 22 played over 40 parts in this funny, heartbreaking and suspenseful portrait of the artist as a young man.

Adventures of Tom Sawyer, the
Broadway/America - April 12, 2001

Joshua Park, Jim Poulos, Kristin Bell, Linda Purl, John Dossett, Tom Gallowitz Aldredge 

Good capture of a short-lived show. Generation loss.

After Midnight
Broadway/America - May 2014

Fantasia Barrino, Dule Hill, Adriane Lenox, karine Plantadit, Dormeshia Sumbry-Edwards, Justin Prescott, Virgil Gadson, Jared Grimes.

Beautiful HD capture with no obstructions. Such a wonderful fun show that I really enjoyed so much more than I expected! Fantasia did a wonderful job and the dancing was sublime. A+

Aids Day - Musical Gala
The Netherlands - December 1, 1997

Mathilde Santing, Gerrie van der Klein, Willem Nijholt, Stanley Burleson, Danny de Munk, Joke de Kruijf, Maya Hakvoort, Pia Douwes, Ryanne van de Akker, Carry Tefsen, Maaike Wittershoven, Vera Mann, Ben Cramer, Ellen Evers, Bill van Dijk, Ernst Daniel Smidt, Tony Neef, Linda Wagenmakers

Lovely Dutch line-up for this benefit!

Aladdin -  Pre-Broadway - Limited trade
Toronto/Canada- November 3, 2013

Adam Jacobs, Jonathan Freeman, James Monroe Iglehart, Courtney Reed, Brian Gonzales, Brandon O'Neill, Jonathan Schwartz, Clifton Davis, Don Darryl Rivera

Full show, bootleg. A neat capture of this great show that will hit Broadway this season

Aladdin - Minimal Highlights - MP4
Broadway/America - July 20, 2014

Adam Jacobs, Jonathan Freeman, Courtney Reed, Brian Gonzales, Brandon O'Neill, Clifton Davis, Don Darryl Rivera.

Highlights of the show including the songs 'Never had a friend like me', 'Prince Ali' and the final part of the finale where Aladdin and Princess Jasmine fly away on the magic carpet. Shot on a phone from the side of the dress circle 

Broadway/America - August 22, 2014 

Adam Jacobs (Aladdin), Courtney Reed (Princess Jasmine), James Monroe Iglehart (Genie), Jonathan Freeman (Jafar), Don Darryl Rivera (Iago), Brian Gonzales (Babkak), Andrew Cao (u/s Omar), Brandon O'Neill (Kassim), Clifton Davis (Sultan). 

Act one has three major blackouts: Between Arabian Nights and One Jump Ahead, between One Jump Ahead and Proud of Your Boy, and the last 22 minutes of the act, which is all of Friend Like Me and Act One Finale. There is a head that blocks center stage and action is often lost behind it. Act two is much better with no blackouts and only some heads on the bottom. It’s filmed in 16:9, with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. There’s a lot of chatter and rustling from the audience, but the sound is otherwise excellent. 

Aladdin - Limited trade
Broadway/America - November 5, 2014

Adam Jacobs, Michael James Scott as (s/b) Genie, Courtney Reed, Merwin Foard as (s/b) Jafar, Clifton Davis, Don Darryl Rivera. 

Beautiful HD capture of latest Disney Broadway offering. Great to see the changes from the Toronto tryout. Michael and Merwin do terrific jobs as Genie and Jafar.

Aladdin - PiP
New Jersey/America - 2015 - PIP

Justine Pamiloza, Faisal S. Sheikh, C.L. Carter, Scott Daniels

Plays in the park, multicam proshot

US Tour (Chicago)/America - April 16, 2017

Adam Jacobs, Anthony Murphy, Isabelle McCalla, Jonathan Weir, Reggie De Leon, JC Montgomery, Mike Longo, Zach Bencal, Philippe Arroyo.

Beautiful HD capture of the newly launched tour. A terrific cast and a few new small variations to accommodate the tour on the road. A+

Broadway/America - June 2018

Telly Leung, Arielle Jacobs, Major Attaway, Steel Burkhardt, Brian Gonzales, Brad Weinstock, Don Darryl Rivera, Kathryn Allison, Mike Cannon, Andrew Cao, Damian Chambers, Alicia Charles, Lauryn Ciardullo, Joshua Dela Cruz, Jacob Dickey, Mark DiConzo, Josh Drake, Tiffany Evariste, April Holloway, Adam Hyndman, Nathan Lucrezio, Stanley Martin, Amber Owens, Jamie Kasey Patterson, Bobby Pestka, Ariel Reid, Benjamin Rivera, Trent Saunders, Angelo Soriano, Katie Terza, Paige Williams

Albert I - MP4 - NFT
Westerlo/Belgie - August 2016

Lucas Van den Eynde (Albert 1), Sasha Rosen (Koningin Elisabeth), Barbara Dex (Barones Alice de Bruart), Steve Beernaert (Cyriel), Anne Van Opstal (Christine), Michiel De Meyer (Jean), Ianthe Tavernier (Marieke), Lotte Stevens (Elodie), Tim Saey (Ludwig van Waldeck-Pyrmont)


Alice in Wonderland
Zwijndrecht (Theater de Uitstek)/The Netherlands - September 2004

Marjolein Teepen, Roberto de Groot, Frans Schraven, Marit Slinger, Steve Beirnaert

Production from Opus One. Try-Out. Semi-professional recording (With one camera).

Alle Jahre Bieber - Highlights
Essen/Germany - December 16, 2012

Andreas Bieber, Jan Ammann, Ulrike Frank

Lovely capture

Allegiance - Limited trade
Broadway/America - October 16, 2015

Lea Salonga, George Takei, Telly Leung, Katie Rose Clarke, Michael K. Lee, Christopheren Nomura.

Excellent HD capture of this new musical set in a Japanese internment camp, during World War II. Great performances from the entire cast, George gave a really moving performance! A

New York/America - November 29, 2014.

Claybourne Elder, Elizabeth A Davis, Malcolm Gets, Jessica Tyler Wright, Alma Cuervo, George Abud, Maggie Lakis, Jane Pfitsch, Paul Lincoln, Megan Loomis, Randy Redd, Ed Romanoff

Als ik later groot ben - MP4
The Netherlands - 1984

Simone Kleinsma, Marnix Kappers and a choir of children

Only 44 minutes (complete show) for the week of childerenbooks

Als op het Leidseplein
The Netherlands - 2005

Jos Brink, Trudy Labij, Han Oldigs, Irene Kuiper Jan Elbertse, Doris Baaten

A Dutch original musical about famous Dutch artists and their songs. 

Altar Boyz
Calafornie (Long Beach)/America - May 4, 2007

Danny Clvert (Mark), Dan Domenech (Juan), James Royce Edwards (Matthew), Tyler McGee (Luke), Dan Pacheco (Abraham)

Amadeus - NTL - MP4 and TS
London/England - February 2, 2017

Lucian Msamati, Adam Gillen, Karla Crome, Hugh Sachs, Geoffrey Beevers, Tom Edden, Alexandra Mathie.\

Multiple cameras Proshot of the new production at the National Theatre. Broadcast live in cinemas through a satellite feed and this was captured from that feed. Perfect 5.1 sound and HD video. 

Amazing Grace
Kassel/Germany - September 20, 2014

Arne Stephan (John Newton),  Lucy Scherer (Polly Maria Catlett), Ben Wiedersprecher (kleiner John Newton), Daniel Rakasz  (William Wilberforce), Stefan Poslovski ( Der Hass), Sonja Tieschky (Die Gleichgültigkeit), Susanna Panzner (Die Angst), Norman Nowotko (Amos Clow / Notar / Kneipenprügler / Pastor), DMJ, Bonita Niessen, Nyassa Alberta, Peti van der Velde(Gospel Ensemble)

Official DVD

Amazing Grace - Pre Broadway
Chicago /America - October 29, 2014

Josh Young, Erin Mackey, Tom Hewitt, Chuck Cooper, Chris Hoch, Stanley Bahorek, Harriett D. Foy. 

Beautiful HD capture of the ProBroadway tryout. Josh is in beautiful voice here in the story behind one of the World's most famous songs! A very solid cast and production. A

Berkley (CA)/America - September 5, 2015

Samantha Barks, Adam Chanler-Berat, Savvy Crawford, Alison Cimmet, Tony Sheldon, John Hickok, David Andino, Randy Blair, Carla Duren, Alyse Alan Louis, Maria-Christina Oliveras, Perry Sherman, Paul Whitty

An adorable and charming new show premiering at Berkeley Repertory. Samantha, Adam, and Savvy are
fantastic in their roles, the music is gorgeous, and the sets are beautiful and clever. A very nice capture with just one quick dropout and one small head that can occasionally be seen at he bottom of the screen but never blocks the action. The show runs 1 hour and 40 minutes with no intermission. Includes curtain call and playbill scans.

LA/America - December 4, 2016

Phillipa Soo , Adam Chanler-Berat, Savvy Crawford, Tony Sheldon, Alison Cimmet, Mandel Felciano, Harriett D Foy, Randy Blair, Alyse Alan Louis, Maria-Christina Oliveras , David Andino, Paul Whitty, Heath Calvert. 

This show is magical, Phillipa is captivating, and the entire ensemble is perfectly quirky. There have been a few changes since Berkeley that tighten up the show a bit and make it ready for Broadway. A near perfect capture with no washout, no obstruction, and just one very quick dropout. It’s filmed in 16:9, with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. The sound is excellent. Includes curtain call and playbill scans. A

Broadway/America - March 29, 2017

Phillipa Soo, Adam Chanler-Berat, Savvy Crawford, Manoel Felciano, Harriett D. Foy, Tony Sheldon, Maria-Christina Oliveras, Randy Blair. 

Excellent HD capture of the new whimsical musical. The entire cast gives great performances in this fun and sweet tale of a dreamer! A-

Broadway/America - May 12, 2017

Phillipa Soo, Adam Chanler-Berat, Savvy Crawford, Manoel Felciano, Harriett D. Foy, Tony Sheldon, Maria-Christina Oliveras, Randy Blair. 

Great HD capture a week before the closing performance. First 10 or so minutes are full stage shot, then zooming begins. Still a great cast with some great songs and moments in the show. A-

American Idiot
Broadway/America - May 2, 2010

John Gallagher Jr., Michael Esper, Mary Faber Rebecca Naomi Jones, Christina Sajous, Stark Sands, Tony Vincent, Declan Bennett, Andrew C. Call, Gerard Canonico, Miguel Cervantes, Joshua Henry, Brian Charles Johnson, Leslie McDonel, Chase Peacock, Theo Stockman, Ben Thompson, Alysha Umphress, Libby Winters  

When action is downstage, shot between heads. First few minutes have coverups.

American Idiot
Broadway/America - February 19, 2011

John Gallagher Jr. (Johnny), Michael Esper (Will), Van Hughes (Tunny), Billie Joe Armstrong (St. Jiimmy), Rebecca Naomi Jones (Whatsername), Jeanna De Waal (Heather), Libby Winters (The Extraordinary Girl), Gerard Canonico, Chase Peacock, Jennifer Bowles

With Billie Joe Armstrong as St. Jimmy!

American Idiot
US Tour/America - May 15, 2014

Jared Nepute (Johnny), Casey O’Farrell (Will), Dan Tracy (Tunny), Mariah MacFarlane (Heather), Olivia Puckett (Whatsername), Carson Higgins (St Jimmy), Taylor Jones (The Extraordinary Girl)

A near perfect capture of this show on tour. There is one very quick dropout at the beginning of St Jimmy, but the show is otherwise fully intact with no blackouts or obstruction. It’s filmed in 16:9, with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. The sound is excellent as usual. Includes curtain call, encore, and playbill scans.

American in Paris, an
Broadway/America - March 14. 2015

Robert Fairchild, Leanne Cope, Veanne Cox, Jill Paice, Brandon Uranowitz, Max von Essen. 

Beautiful HD capture with no obstructions of this great new show with Gershwin's Music. Beautiful dancing and performances from the entire cast! Leanne truely is breathtaking to watch on stage. A+

American in Paris, an
Broadway/America - April 11, 2015

Leanne Cope, Veanne Cox, Robert Fairchild, Jill Paice, Brandon Uranowirz, Max von Essen, Will Burton, Attila Joey Csiki, Michael Cusumano, Taeler Cyrus, Rebecca Eichenberger, Sara Esty, Laura Feig, Heather Lang, Dustin Layton, Nathan Madden, Candy Olsen, Rebecca Riker, Shannon Rugani, Garen Scribner, Sarrah Strimel, Charlie Sutton, Allison Walsh, Scott Willis, Victor J. Wisehart. 

Very good HD video filmed from the left mezzanine. Sometimes blocked at the bottom of the screen by a bar, but it does not effect the action. Wonderful clear sound and nice video. Probably the blu ray made into a VOB; but with smalls

American in Paris, an
Broadway/America - August 2016

Dimitri Kleioris, Leanne Cope, Matthew Scott, Max von Essen, Jill Paice, Veanne Cox, Scott Willis, Dustin Layton (u/s),  Allison Walsh,  Derek Hanson, Christy Morton, Stephen Hanna, Attila Joey Csiki, Megan Dickinson, Laura Feig, Kurt Froman, Marina Lazzaretto, Cory Lingner, Nathan Madden, Charlotte O’Dowd, Candy Olsen, Kristin Piro, Rebecca Riker, Shannon Rugani, Charlie Sutton. 

Wonderful performances from the cast as the show closes today. The video that’s here is well captured with very little washout and just a few small heads at the bottom of the screen that don’t block the action. The first three minutes of act one are blacked out, and the last 30 minutes of act two are missing completely (no audio or video). It’s filmed in 16:9, with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. The sound is excellent. Includes playbill scans. A

American in Paris, an - MKV
London/England - 2017

Robert Fairchild and Leanne Cope, Haydn Oakley, Ashley Andrews, Sophie Apollonia, Zoe Arshamian, Jane Asher, Sarah Bakker 

Proshot from the cinema's

American in Paris, an
US Tour/America - March 23, 2017

Garen Scribner, Sara Esty, Etai Benson, Nick Spangler, Emily Ferranti, Gayton Scott, Don Noble, Barton Cowperthwaite, Caitlin Meighan, Kyle Vaughn, Laurie Wells, Karolina Blonski, Brittany Bohn, Stephen Brower, Randy Castillo, Jessica Cohen, Alexa De Barr, David Prottas, Lucas Segovia, Ryan Steele, Dana Winkle, Erica Wong, Blake Zelesnikar.

A wonderful capture of the tour cast with no obstructions or washout and just a few quick dropouts. It’s filmed in 16:9, with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. The sound is excellent. Includes curtain call and playbill scans. Aa

American Psycho
Broadway/America - March 29, 2016

Benjamin Walker, Helene Yorke, Alice Ripley, Jennifer Damiano, Drew Moerlein, Krystina Alabado, Dave Thomas Brown. 

Excellent capture of the new dark musical transfer from the West End. Great cast and wonderful 80s style and inspired musical. A

American Psycho
Broadway/America - May 13, 2016

Benjamin Walker, Helene Yorke, Alice Ripley, Jennifer Damiano, Drew Moerlein, Krystina Alabado, Dave Thomas Brown. 

Excellent HD capture of the final few weeks before the show would close on June 5th. Still wonderful
performances from the whole cast, shame it didn't find its audience. Minor settling in during the first couple minutes of show. A

Amerika, Amerika
The Netherlands - 1983

Jos Brink, Frank Sanders, Simone Kleinsma, Caroline Kaart, Mary Michon, Annelies Balhan, Lucie de Lange, Barrie Stevens, Fred Butter

Professional Recordin, due to improvisation from cast members, this recording takes much longer than meant to be

Anarchist, the - MP4
Broadway/America - November 14, 2012 - MP4

Patti LuPone, Debra Winger. 

Second preview.

Hartford (CT)/America - June 15, 2016

Anya: Christy Altomare, Dmitry: Derek Klena, Vlad: John Bolton, Dowanger Empress: Mary Beth Peil, Lily: Caroline O’Connor, Gleb: Manoel Felciano, Nicole Scimeca, Molly Rushing, Constantine Germanacos, Lauren Blackman, Alida Michal, Shina Ann Morris, Samantha Sturm,  Max Clayton, Johnny Stellard, Janet Dickinson, Rayanne Gonzales, Ken Krugman, Kevin Ligon, James Brown III, Kevin Munhall

This new musical is absolutely fantastic. Christy is perfectly cast as Anya, and she has great chemistry with Derek, Mary, and the rest of the cast. The music, sets, and costumes are all beautifully done as well. This is nearly perfectly captured with no obstruction and just a couple quick very dropouts. It’s filmed in 16:9, with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. The sound is excellent. Includes playbill scans.

Broadway/America - June 28, 2017

Christy Altomare, Derek Klena, John Bolton, Ramin Karimloo, Caroline O'Connor, Mary Beth Peil. 

Great HD capture of the Broadway transfer. There are a few short scenes/moments far stage right blocked by a head, but nothing major. Beautiful production, performances and cast to match! A-

Broadway/America - September 6, 2017 - Evening

Christy Altomare, Derek Klena, John Bolton, Ramin Karimloo, Caroline O'Connor, Mary Beth Peil, Zach Adkins, Sissy Bell, Lauren Blackman, Kyle Brown, Janet Dickinson, Constantine Germanacos, Wes Hart, Ken Krugman, Shina Ann Morris, James A. Pierce III, Molly Rushing, Nicole Scimerca, Johnny Stellard, Allison Walsh

A beautiful video of this show.

Broadway/America - September 17, 2017

Christy Altomare (Anastasia), Derek Klena (Dmitry), John Bolton (Vlad), Ramin Karimloo (Gleb), Caroline O'Connor (Lily), Mary Beth Peil (Maria Feodorovna), Zach Adkins, Sissy Bell, Lauren Blackman, Kyle Brown, Janet Dickinson, Constantine Germanacos, Wes Hart, Ken Krugman, Shina Ann Morris, James A. Pierce III, Molly Rushing, Nicole Scimerca, Johnny Stellard, Allison Walsh (Ensemble)

Another gorgeous capture of this show during the Actor's Fund performance. Everyone was on top of their game and delivers fantastic performances. 

Andrew Lord Webber MasterPiece
Beijing/China - 2001

Elain Page, Sandy Lam, Fei Xiang, Tony Vincent, Belinda Allchin. John Bowles,  Anthony Costanzo, Lisa Crosato, Trisha, Crowe, Chloe Dallimore, Mark Dickinson, Laura Fitzpatrick, Ben Harkin, Damian Humbley, Adam McKenzie, Spencer McLaren, Bronwyn Mulcahy, Leonie Page, Simon Pryce, Troy Sussmann, Sophie Viswick, Helen Walsh, Deone Zanott

Full show, pro-shot, multiple cameras. Jesus christ Superstar, Evita, Joseph and the amazing Technicolor dreamcoat, The heart is slow to learn, The Beautiul Game, Song and Dance, Cats, Requiem, Aspects of Love, Whistle down the wind, The phantom of the opera, Sunset Boulevard

Angels in America: Millennium Approaches - NTL - MP4
London/England - July 20, 2017

Andrew Garfield (Prior Walter), Russell Tovey (Joseph Pitt), Nathan Lane (Roy Cohn), Denise Gough (Harper Pitt), Susan Brown (Hannah Pitt), James McArdle (Louis Ironson), Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (Belize), Amanda Lawrence (The Angel), Stuart Angell/Stan West/Claire Lambert/Becky Namgauds/Lewis Wilkins (Angel Shadow)  

Proshot from the National theatre live

Angels in America: Perestroika -  NTL - MP4
London/England - July 27, 2017

Andrew Garfield (Prior Walter), Russell Tovey (Joseph Pitt), Nathan Lane (Roy Cohn), Denise Gough (Harper Pitt), Susan Brown (Hannah Pitt), James McArdle (Louis Ironson), Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (Belize), Amanda Lawrence (The Angel), Stuart Angell/Stan West/Claire Lambert/Becky Namgauds/Lewis Wilkins (Angel Shadow)

Proshot from the National theatre live

Angels In America - Millennium Approaches
Broadway/America - April 4, 2018

Andrew Garfield (Prior Walter), James McArdle (Louis Ironson), Denise Gough (Harper Pitt), Lee Pace (Joe Pitt), Nathan Lane (Roy Cohn), Susan Brown (Hannah Pitt), Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (Belize), Beth Malone (The Angel)

Angels In America - Perstroika
Broadway/America - May 2, 2018

Andrew Garfield (Prior Walter), James McArdle (Louis Ironson), Denise Gough (Harper Pitt), Lee Pace (Joe Pitt), Nathan Lane (Roy Cohn), Susan Brown (Hannah Pitt), Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (Belize), Beth Malone (The Angel)

Annie get your gun
Illinois/America - August 15, 2010

Patti Lupone, Patrick Cassidy, George Hearn, Joseph Anthony Foronda, Michael Weber, Suzanne Sole. 

A great capture of Patti in the role of Annie Oakley at the famous outdoor venue in Highland Park, IL. A few spots are slightly shakey due to the size of venue and zoom. A-

Annie get your gun
New York ( New York City Center)/America - October 27, 2015

Megan Hilty, Andy Karl, Chuck Cooper, Judy Kaye, Ron Raines, Brad Oscar, Marshall Factora, Sam Chuck, Olivia Edward, Ward Billeisen, Sam Bolen, Laura D’Andre, Nicolas Dávila, Christine DiGiallonardo, Leah Horowitz, Miles Johnson, Andrea Jones-Sojola, Amy Justman, Patricia Noonan, Daniel Schwait, Nicholas Ward

Antigone - MKV
Londen/England - April 26, 2015

Juliette Binoche, Basil Comely, Tim Van Someren, Obi Abili, Kirsty Bushell, Samuel Edward-Cook, Finbar Lynch, Patrick O'Kane, Kathryn Pogson

Proshot. Cameras exclusively capture the Oscar-winning French actress Juliette Binoche playing the title role in Sophocles's tale of family loyalty, courage and tragedy. The Barbican's visionary new English language translation by TS Eliot Prize-winning poet and classicist Anne Carson is directed by renowned Belgian theatre director Ivo van Hove.

Anyone can whistle
Chicago/America - 1989

Rosalie Kaplan, Steve Asciolla, Ann Kanengeiser

It's technically proshot, but not great quality. The first five minutes are basically blackout completely, but then it gets better. Still generation loss

Anything goes 
London/England - July 17, 2004

Sally Ann Triplett, John Barrowman, Martin Marquez, Simon Day, Mary Stockley, Susan Tracey, Rachel Stanley

Anything goes
Broadway/America - April 3, 2011

Sutton Foster (Reno Sweeney), Joel Grey (Moonface Martin), John McMartin, Jessica Walter, Colin Donnell (Bill Crocker), Adam Godley, Laura Osnes (Hope Harcourt), Jessica Stone, Walter Charles, Robert Creighton

Sometimes wandering camera or obstruction , but overall good capture!

Anything Goes
Broadway/America - November 15, 2011

Stephanie J. Block, Joel Grey, Colin Donnell, Kelly Bishop, Erin Mackey, Adam Godley, John McMartin, Linda Mugleston.(16x9 HD Widescreen) 

Master's notes: Quality: A. During * Act 2 a woman with an annoying hearing aid sits next to the master so there is a slight buzzing sound at times from that.

Anything Goes 
US National Tour - March 23, 2013

Rachel York (Reno Sweeney), Fred Applegate (Moonface Martin), Josh Franklin (Billy Crocker), Alex Finke (Hope Harcourt), Evelyn Oakleigh (Edward Staudenmayer), Chuck Wagner (Captain)

Missing the first 30 seconds  and the last bit of the curtain call is audio only.

Anything Goes
US Tour (Costa Mesa, Ca)/America  - September 29, 2013 - Evening

Rachel York (Reno Sweeney), Josh Franklin (Billy Crocker),  Fred Applegate (Moonface Martin), Alex Finke (Hope Harcourt), Sandra Shipley (Mrs. Evangeline Harcourt), Edward Staudenmayer (Lord Evelyn Oakleigh), Joyce Chittick (Erma), Dennis Kelly (Elisha Whitney)

New York (NY City Centre Encores!)/America - February 9, 2008

Christine Ebersole, Kate Burton, Mario Cantone, Tom Hewitt, Megan Sikora, Chip Zien, Michael Park, Erin Davi

Lots of obstruction, tried to film around it as much as possible

Apple tree
Broadway/America - January 20, 2007

Kristin Chenoweth (Eve, Princess Barbara, Ella and Passionella), Brian D'Arcy James (Adam, Flip, the Prince Charming and Captain Sanjar), Marc Kudisch (Snake, Balladeer and Narrator)

Arthur En De Strijd Om Camelot
Aalsmeer/The Netherlands - October 21, 2013

Ruud van Overdijk (Arthur), Janneke van Doorn (Morgana), Martijn Dijkstra (Mordred), Ilse Spruijt (Guinevere), Folkert van Diggelen and Leon van Uden (Lancelot), Erwin Dekker (Merlijn)

Commercially released pro-shot, straight from the DVD

Artus - Worldpremiere
St. Gallen/Switzerland - March 15, 2014 - Proshot

Patrick Stanke (Artus), Mark Seibert (Lacelot), Annemieke van Damm (Guinevere), Thomas Borchert (Merlin), Sabrina Weckerlin (Morgana), Alexander Bellinkx (Ector), Robert Johansson (Loth von Orkney), Kevin Foster (Sir Gareth), Colleen Besset (Matrone), Gero Wendorff (Lucan), Mark Lamberti (Priest), Jeannine Michele Wacker (Igraine), Rupert Markthaler/Richard Legget (Uther Pendragon). Ensamble: Tristan Adams, Amelie Dobler, Samuel Tobias Klauser, Marle Martens, Stephanie Signer, Ariane Swoboda

Multi cam proshot

Artus - Limited trade
St. Gallan/Switzerland - November 1, 2014

Patrick Stanke (Artus), Annemieke van Dam (Guinevere), Thomas Borchert (Merlin), Sabrina Weckerlin (Morgana), Mark Seibert (Lancelot), Alexander Bellinkx, Robert Johansson (Loth), Kevin Foster (Gareth), Gero Wendorff (Lucan)

Some little shakiness at the beginning of both acts and at ""Sogar der Regen schweigt still" but all in all a very clear and steady capture with great close-ups. A- 

Artus - MP4
Tecklenburg/Germany - August 13, 2016

Artus: Armin Kahl, Guinevere: Milica Jovanovic, Morgana: Roberta Valentini, Merlin: Kevin Tarte, Lancelot: Dominik Hees, Ector: Thomas Schirano, Loth von Orkney: Christian Schöne, Sir Gareth: Thomas Hohler, Oberin: Anne Welte, Lucan: Andrea Luca Cotti, Priest: Sebastian Brandmeir, Igraine: Sophie Blümel, Uther Pendragon: Zoltan Fekete, Tristan: Marco Herse Foti, Bedwyr: Mathias Meffert, Kay: Fin Holzwart, Lamorac: Wolfgang Postlbauer. Ensemble: Lisa Kolada, Juliane Bischoff, Jennifer Kohl, Marthe Römer, Joyce Diedrich, Alexandra Hoffmann, Anna Carina Buchegger, Jan Altenbockum, Andrew Hill, Luciano Mercoli

As I Am - Solo Concert Willemijn Verkaik - Limited trade
Scheveningen (Circus Theater)/Netherlands - June 26, 2012

Willemijn Verkaik with speical Guest Xander Debuisonje. Bart van Hoof is the saxofoon player. Gino Emnes and Jessica Manuputty are the backing vocals

Lovely capture from this breathtaking concert.  WIth songs from her past wich she likes, and a few of her own

As you like it - NTL
London/England - 2016

Rosalie Craig (Rosalind), Joe Bannister (Orlando), *Ellie Kirk (u/s Celia), Mark Benton (Touchstone), Jaques (Paul Chahidi), Philip Arditi (Oliver), Leo Wringer (Duke Frederick), John Ramm (Duke Senior), Fra Fee (Amiens), Alan Williams (Corin), Ken Nwosu (Silvius), Siobhán McSweeney (Audrey), Gemma Lawrence (Phoebe), Hazel Gardner (Hisperia), Patrick Godfrey (Adam), Leon Annor (Charles), Jay Saighal (a courtier), Jonathan Coote, Jonathan Dryden Taylor, Nathan Ives-Moiba, Ekow Quartey

Incomplete act 2; searching for complete act 2

Long Island (NY)/America - September 2002

Jason Trigger (John Wilkes Booth), Jeremy Hudson (Lee Harvey Oswald), Patrick Finn (Charles Guiteau), Stephen Wanger (Leon Czolgosz), Frank Danko (Sam Byck), Malorie Charak (Lynette Fromme), Susan Hall (Sara Jane Moore), Jerru Maggio (Giuseppe Zangara), Ron Menin (John Hinckley), Bernard Macias (The Proprietor), Brian Smith (President Gerald Ford), Donna Maggio (Emma Goldman), Amanda Taraska, Tara Danko, Stephen Lefayt, Dylan Perlman, Ben Sales 

Pro-shot, cam on tri-pod

Broadway/America - May 29, 2004

Becky Ann Baker, James Barbour, Mario Cantone, Michael Cerveris, Mary Catherine Garrison, Alexander Gemignani, Neil Patrick Harris, Marc Kudisch, Dennis O'Hare, Jeffrey Kuhn. 

Excellent video with good closeups and sound throughout.

Assassins Reunion Concert
Broadway/America - December 3, 2012

Neil Patrick Harris, Marc Kudisch, James Barbour, Michael Cerveris, Denis O'Hare, Alexander Geimgnani,

Mario Cantone, Jeffrey Kuhn, Annaleigh Ashford, Beck Ann Baker

Great HD capture of the Reunion Concert with the original cast

Assassins - Encores!
Off Broadway/America - July 14, 2017

Damian Baldet, Steven Boyer, Alex Brightman, Victoria Clark, John Ellison Conlee, Clifton Duncan, Andrew Durand, Shuler Hensley, Ethan Lipton, Hudson Loverro, Erin Markey, Steven Pasquale, Cory Michael Smith, Pearl Sun, Danny Wolohan.

There is about a 90 second drop out towards the end in a book scene but screen caps have been overlaid over the audio so it's not just a black screen. A

Audience, the - NTL - MKV
London/England - June 13, 2013

Helen Mirren, Geoffrey Beevers, Nell Williams, Jonathan Coote, Michael Elwyn, Harry Feltham, Edward Fox, Haydn Gwynne, Ian Houghton, Spencer Kitchen, Richard McCabe, Charlotte Moore, Nathaniel Parker, David Peart, Matt Plumb, Paul Ritter, Elaine Solomon

Pro shot from national theatre live

Audra McDonald: An afternoon with Audra McDonald
New Jersey/America - June 2018

Audra McDonald

This was filmed from the very back of the enormous auditorium so picture isn't as sharp as it should be (B) Sound is A+, though and its a fun show to watch!

August Osage County
Broadway/America - January 2, 2008

Dennis Letts, Deanna Dunagan, Amy Morton, Jeff Perry, Madeleine Martin, Sally Murphy, Mariann Mayberry, Rondi Reed, Francis Guinan, Ian Barford, Kimberly Guerrero, Brian Kerwin, Troy West

Avenue Q 
Broadway/America - June 26, 2003

John Tartaglia, Stephanie D'Abruzzo, Rick Lyon, Jennifer Barnhart, Natalie Venetia Belcon, Jordan Gelber, 
Ann Harada

Includes cast interviews at the end. I've seen it was also dated October 18, 2003.

Avenue Q
Broadway/America - February 24, 2004

Barrett Foa (Princeton/Rod s/b), Aymee Garcia (Kate Monster/Lucy s/b), Peter Linz (Nicky/Trekkie Monster s/b), Chandra Wilson (Gary Coleman s/b), Ann Sanders (Christmas Eve s/b), Jordan Gelber (Brian), Jennifer Barnhart (Mrs Thistletwat/Bad Idea Bear)

Avenue Q
US Tour (Des Moines)/America - November 19, 2007

Seth Rettberh (us) as PrincetonRod, Kelli Sawyer as KateLucy and Carla Renata as Gary Coleman

Avenue Q
Broadway/America - April 21 2008

Jonathan Root (Princeton/Rod), Sarah Stiles (Kate/Lucy the Slut), Christian Anderson (Nikky/Trekkie), Ann Sanders (Christmas Eve), Nicholas Kohn (Brian), Rashidra Scott (Gary),
 Jennifer Barnhart (Mrs. T)

Nicely filmed from the balcony. Occasional heads in the bottom of the shot. Sometimes, the color of the video fades away, making it almost look black-and-white.

Avenue Q
Rio de Janeiro/Brazil - July 2009

André Dias (Princeton/Rod), Sabrina Korgut (Kate Monstra/Lucy), Fred Silveira (Ricky/Trekkie Monstro), Renato Rabelo (Brian), Mauricio Xavier (Gary Coleman), Renata Ricci (Ursinha do Mal/Dona Coisa Ruim), Gustavo Klein (Ursinho do Mal/Recém-Chegado), Claudia Netto (Japa-Neuza) 

A+, full show, multicamera pro-shot. In portuguese.

Avenue Q
London/England - January 2010

Daniel Boys, Cassidy Janson, Christopher Fry, Edward Baruwa, Rachel Jerram, Candy Ma (Christmas Eve u/s), Alan Pearson (Nicky/Trekkie/Bear u/s)

Awesome show. The cast is amazing. Cassidy is fantastic, my favorite Kate/Lucy.

LA (CA)/America - January 20, 2013

Nick Blood, Leanne Best, Andrew Knott, Daniel Healy, Daniel Westwick, Oliver Bennett, Edward Clarke, Mark Hammersley 

Excellent capture of the US premiere in Los Angeles; no blackouts or obstruction with a bit of washout in high contrast scenes; It is should be filmed in 16:9 with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups, BUT this capture is altered, dont know how, but maybe from vob to mp4 to vob again. Very good sound; video includes curtain call and encores

Bakers wife, the
New Jersey (Papermill playhouse)/America - April 24, 2005

Alice Ripley (Genevieve), Max Von Essen (Dominic), Lenny Wolpe (Amiable)

Pro-shot. About an hour of pro-shot footage used for publicity.

Band's visit, the
Broadway/America - October 16, 2017

Tony Shalhoub, Katrina Lenk, George Abud, Etai Benson, John Cariani, Adam Kantor, Andrew Polk, Ari'el Stachel, Bill Army, Rachel Prather, Jonathan Raviv, Sharone, Sayegh, Kristen Sieh, Alok Tewari. 

There is a 4 minute blackout during a song, due to a disturbance in the theater. Still images are placed over the audio instead of having a black screen. A

Band's visit, the
Broadway/America - June 2018

Katrina Lenk, Sasson Gabai, John Cariani, Ari'el Stachel, Ahmad Maksoud (u/s Camal), Etai Benson, Adam Kantor, Andrew Polk, Bill Army, Rachel Prather, Jonathan Raviv, Sharon Sadegh, Kristen Sieh, Alok Tewari, Ossama Farouk, Sam Dadigursky, Harvey Valdes, Garo Yellin.

Very nice video of the show with Sasson Gabai, who starred as Tewfiq in the film version; great clear picture and sound throughout; very nice video, A

Broadway/America - Mach 31, 2017

Laura Osnes, Corey Cott, Beth Leavel, Alex Bender, Joe Carroll, Brandon J. Ellis, James Nathan Hopkins, Geoff Packard.

Excellent HD capture of the Broadway transfer. Solid performances from Laura and Corey in this Swing musical. Two of the powerful musical numbers make you want to stand up and cheer, some did! A

Bandstand - Camshot from proshot

Broadway/America - September 2017

Bad quality, but i haven't seen any other out there 

Bandwagon, the
New York (NY City Centre)/America - November 13, 2014

Brian Stokes Mitchell, Laura Osnes, Tony Sheldon, Michael Berresse, Tracey Ullman, Michael McKean 

Very good video with clear sound and some spotlight washout but filmed very well with excellent close-ups and well filmed full stage shots for the dancing scenes; good video 

Barbarella - Closing Night
Vienna/Austria - January 01, 2005

Nina Proll (Barbarella), Eva Maria Marold (Schwarze Königin), Mark Seibert (Pygar), DrewSARICH(Sun/Meister des Schlüssels), Martin Niedermair (Victor), Siegmar Tonk (Duran), Fabian Aloise & PhilipRanson (Zwei Gestalten)

Closing night

Barbra Streisand: The Music. The Mem’ries. The Magic!
Chicago/America - August 9, 2015

Barbra Streisand

Great HD capture from the Concert stop in Chicago. Everything is nicely captured and the setlist is as follows: The Way We Were, Everything, Being at War With Each Other, Everything Must Change, Woman in Love, Stoney End, No More Tears (Enough Is Enough), Evergreen, You Don't Bring Me Flowers, Being Alive, Papa, Can You Hear Me?, Pure Imagination, Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me), Losing My Mind, Isn't This Better, How Lucky Can You Get, With One More Look at You, Children Will Listen, Don't Rain on My Parade, People, Happy Days Are Here Again, I Didn't Know What Time it Was. A

Bare - A pop rock opera 
Off-Broadway/America -  April 17, 2004

Michael Arden, John Hill, Jenna Leigh Green, Natalie Joy Johnson, Kay Trinidad, Aaron Lohr, Lindsay Scott, Mike Cannon, Kaitlin Hopkins, Kearran Giovanni, Adam Fleming, Jim Price, Sasha Allen, Romelda T. Benjamin, Isaac Calpito

A full show, preview, probably a pro-shot, because it is filmed very good

St. Louis (MO)/America - June 2011

Mike Dowdy, Jacob Golliher, Terrie Carolan, Charlotte Byrd, Jonathan Foster, Rahamses Galvan, Nyssa Duchow, Zachary Allen Farmer, Nikki Glenn, Alison Helmer, Chance Kilgour, Andrea Kimberling, Sarah Porter, John Michael Rotello, Michelle Sauer

Presented by the New Line Theatre. Filmed using one camera on a tripod. Good video

Off-Broadway/America - December 2, 2012

Jason Hite, Taylor Trensch, Elizabeth Judd, Barrett Wilbert Weed, Gerard Canonico, Missi Pyle, Jerold E. Solomon, Alice Lee, Megan Lewis as (u/s) Vanessa.

A great revisal of this coming of age story set in a co-ed Catholic boarding school. Great HD capture from the front row and a very moving story and cast! A-

Bare - A Pop Opera
Los Angeles/California -  September 14, 2013

Payson Lewis (Peter), Jonah Platt (Jason), Lindsay Pearce (Ivy), Katie Stevens (Nadia), Stephanie Andersen (Sister Chantelle), John Griffin (Priest), Nathan Parrett (Matt), Casey Hayden (Lucas), Caitlin Ary (Tanya), Reesa Ishiyama (Diane), Alissa-Nicole Koblentz (Claire), Harrison Meloeny (Alan), Christopher Higgins (Zack), Katherine Washington (Kyra), Kelsey Hainlen (Rory)

Nicely filmed.  Heads appear in the bottom of the frame during the wider shots. 

UK Tour/England - 2015

Brian Conley (Phineas T. Barnum), Linzi Hateley (Chairy Barnum), Kimberly Blake (Jenny Lind), Mikey Jay-Heath (Tom Thumb), Landi Oshinowo (Joice Heth), John Stacey (Ringmaster/Bailey). Produced by Cameron Mackintosh. 

Well filmed from the balcony

Bat out of Hell - MP4
Manchester/England - April 12, 2017

Benjamin Purkiss (alt. Strat), Georgia Carling (u/s Raven), Rob Fowler (Falco), Sharon Sexton (Sloane), Aran MacRae (Tink), Danielle Steers (Zahara), Dom Hartley-Harris (Jagwire), Patrick Sullivan (Blake) )

Filmed from the circle, a good capture of the show & staging, but the spotlights make some things hard to see clearly. The boot begins around halfway through act one (Starting at Paradise By The Dashboard Light)

Bat out of Hell
London/England - July 2017  .

Andrew Polec (Strat), Christina Bennington (Raven), Sharon Sexton (Sloane), Rob Fowler (Falco), Aran MacRae (Tink), Danielle Steers (Zahara), Dom Hartley-Harris (Jagwire), Giovanni Spano (Ledoux), Patrick Sulivan (Blake)

Blurry/not focused

Bat out of Hell
London/England - August 12, 2017

Andrew Polec (Strat), Christina Bennington (Raven), Sharon Sexton (Sloane), Rob Fowler (Falco), Aran MacRae (Tink), Danielle Steers (Zahara), Dom Hartley-Harris (Jagwire), Giovanni Spano (Ledoux), Patrick Sulivan (Blake)​

Best capture i have

BBC Proms - On the Town
London/England - August 25, 2018

Barnaby Rea, Nadim Naaman, Fra Fee, Nathaniel Hackmann, Siena Kelly, Louise Dearman, Celinde Schoenmaker, Claire Moore, Casey Al-Shaqsy,  Nadia Johnson Shem Hamilton London Symphony Orchestra John Wilson 

John Wilson and the London Symphony Orchestra present the hit Broadway musical On the Town live from the Royal Albert Hall. With classic numbers such as New York, New York and l Can Cook Too and a star-studded line-up of singers including Nathaniel Hackmann and Louise Dearman, this concert performance launches a packed bank holiday weekend of Proms tributes to the late composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein, who would have been 100 years old on 25 August 2018. Katie Derham presents, with special guest Clarke Peters.

Be More Chill - MOV
Off Broadway/America - August 15, 2018

Will Roland (Jeremy), George Salazar (Michael), Gerard Canonico (Rich), Jason Tam (The Squip), Stephanie Hsu (Christine), Katlyn Carlson (Chloe), Tiffany Mann (Jenna), Lauren Marcus (Brooke), Jason Sweetooth Williams (Mr. Reyes/Jeremy's Dad) 

Your typical phone recording; filmed vertically with no zooms, severe washout, obstructions on both sides, and heads are always visible at the bottom. No drops at all though, and captures the show in its entirety.

Beaches - Limited trade
Oakbrook (IL)/America - June 25, 2015 

Shoshana Bean, Whitney Bashor, Presley Ryan, Brooklyn Shuck, Travis Taylor, Nancy Voights, Kelly Anne Clark, Jim Deselm. 

Beautiful HD capture of a PreBroadway premier. This was the second preview and the show ran long. The following week a lot of cuts were made. Shoshana did an amazing job, she is such a musical theatre gem and has unparalleled talent! A+

Beaches - Limited trade
Chicago/America - August 16, 2015

Shoshana Bean (Cee Cee Bloom), Whitney Bashor (Bertie White), Presley Ryan (Little Cee Cee), Brooklyn Shuck (Little Bertie/Nina), Travis Taylor (John Perry), Nancy Voights (Leona Bloom), Kelly Anne Clark (Rose White), Jim DeSelm (Michael Barron), Samantha Pauly (Teen Cee Cee), Olivia Renteria (Teen Bertie), Mike Accardo (Nathan), Andrew Varela (Arthur), Holly Stauder (Janice).

Shaky; The one from June is better

Beautiful: the Carol King Musical
San Francisco/America - October 12, 2013

Jessie Mueller (Carole King), Jake Epstein (Gerry Goffin), Jarrod Spector (Barry Mann), Anika Larsen (Cynthia Weil), Jeb Brown (Don Kirshner), Liz Larsen (Genie Klein), Josh Davis (Nick/Righteous Brother), Rashidra Scott (Janelle/Shirelle), Ashley Blanchet (Little Eva/Shirelle), Kevin Duda (Neil Sedaka/Righteous Brother), Rebecca LaChance (Betty)

Nicely filmed from the balcony. There are a few short blackouts at the beginning of the first act and a head appears in the frame. Several songs have been moved or cut from the show since this was filmed, so there are sure to be more changes before it hits Broadway later this season.

Beautiful: The Carole King Musical 
Broadway/America - April 9, 2014

Jessie Mueller, Jake Epstein, Anika Larsen, Jarrod Spector, Jeb Brown, Liz Larsen

beautiful HD capture with no obstructions

Beautiful: The Carole King Musical 
US Tour (Chicago)/America - December 15, 2015

Abby Mueller, Liam Tobin, Becky Gulsvig, Ben Fankhauser, Curt Bouril, Suzanne Grodner. 

Beautiful HD capture of the new tour. The cast does a stunning job and has so much energy and power. Abby gives beautiful performace as Carole

Beautiful: The Carole King Musical

US Tour/America - October 16, 2016


Beautiful: The Carole King Musical
US Tour (Tempe, AZ)/America - November 24, 2016

Julia Knitel (Carole King), Liam Tobin (Gerry Goffin),  Erika Olson (Cynthia Weil), Ben Fankhauser (Barry Mann), Curt Bouril (Donnie Kirschner), Suzanne Grodner (Genie Klein). 

A beautifully captured, high energy, Thanksgiving performance. Julia continues to give a beautiful and shocking realistic performance as Carole King. A great capture with no blackouts, no washout, and minimal head obstruction. It is filmed in 16:9, with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. The sound is excellent, includes curtain call and encore.

Broadway/America - June 24, 2018

Melissa Benoist (Carole King), Evan Todd (Gerry Goffin), Jessica Keenan Wynn (Cynthia Weil), Ben Jacoby (Barry Mann), Paul Anthony Stewart (Donnie Kirschner), Nancy Opel (Genie Klein). 

A beautiful HD capture of Melissa Benoist's "Supergirl" run in the show. She develiers a wonderful and beautiful performance as Carole and also has great vocals!! The whole cast is spectacular and the show is still running strong for being on broadway for five years! Nice capture with filmed with a mix of wides, mediums and close-ups! Includes curtain call and encore. 

Beautiful Thing; A love story
London/England - May 22/23, 2013

Suranne Jones, Zaraah Abrahams, Oliver Farnworth, Jake Davies, Danny-Boy Hatchard. 

Pro Shot Filmed using multiple cameras.  Celebrating its twentieth anniversary year, this production of Beautiful Thing was revived in the West End prior to touring to Liverpool Playhouse, West Yorkshire Playhouse
Leeds and the Theatre Royal, Brighton. Captured live at the Arts Theatre

Bed and a Chair, A
Broadway/America - November 13, 2013

Bernadette Peters, Jeremy Jordan, Norm Lewis, Cyrille Aimée, Meg Gillentine, Tyler Hanes, Elizabeth Parkinson,  Grasan Kingsberry,

The first few songs due to a lot of latecomers it's a bit shaky and shot around heads.  After that it settles down with only some heads towards the bottom of the screen (in the wide shots).  Still a very nice video of this fantastic show, though! 

Benefit Concert for Vienna Musical School
Vienna/Austria - January 28, 1999

Steve Barton, Pia Douwes, Caroline Vasikec

Benefit for Ingeborg Douwes Stichting - Limited trade
Eindhoven/The Netherlands - November  november 2, 2007

Pia Douwes, Brabands orkest, other members of the Douwes Family

An evening with information about- and an auction for the Ingeborg Douwes foundation and a preformance from Pia cause she is the ambasador for the foundation.  Act One is Pia Dowes singing 'December Songs' by Maury Yeston (which is absolutely brilliant!), Act Two is Pia's usual repertoire. Pro Shot feel 

LA/America - August 8, 2015

Patrick Heusinger (Max), Andy Mientus (Rudy), Matthew Carlson (Horst), Jake Shears (Greta), Ray Baker (Freddie), Tom Berklund (Wolf), Hugo Armstrong (Captain), Brian Slaten (Lieutenant/Kapo), Brionne Davis (SS Officer), Jonathan B Wright (Guard), Matthew Carlson (Prisoners), Wyatt Fenner (Prisoners)

A fantastic production of this very moving show, performed at the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles. Patrick is phenomenal in the lead role. Andy, Matthew, and the rest of the supporting cast are incredible as well. This is nicely captured with no blackouts and no washout. There is one head that can be seen at the bottom of the screen a couple times, but it only blocks the actors feet and never affects the action. 

Best little whorehouse in Texas -  Actors Fund
New York/America - October 16, 2006

Emily Skinner, Terrence Mann, Jennifer Hudson, Bob Martin, Mary Faber, Felicia Finley, Andrea McArdle, Richard Kind, Constantine Maroulis.

Proshot footage

Best Man, The
Broadway/America - June 20, 2012

Candice Bergen, Mark Blum, Kerry Butler, James Earl Jones, Angela Lansbury, John Larroquette, Jefferson Mays, Eric McCormack, Curtis Billings, Coreey Brill, Tony Carlin, Donna Hanover, Sherman Howard, Olja Hrustic, Bill Kux, James Lecesne, Dakin Matthews, Angelica Page, Fred Parker, Amy Tribbey

Including bonus interviews/behind the scenes footage, without smalls

Best of Musical - VBW
Vienna/Austria - September 21, 2003

Maya Hakvoort, Máté Kamarás, Jesper Tydén, Anne Mandrella, Marjan Shaki

Reasonably clear, albeit somewhat shaky picture, occasionally briefly obstructed by the professional camera crew.  Cuts abruptly at about 55min just before the start of a song but starts up again immediately.  Includes a bunch of extras. The extras have an odd habit of freezing when they end and requiring you to manually skip to the next “chapter.

Best of Musical - VBW
Vienna/Austria - October 26, 2006 

Susan Rigvava-Dumas, Uwe Kröger, Maya Hakvoort, Maté Kamarás, Marjan Shaki, Wietske van Tongeren, Alexander Goebel.

Shot from first row, but no proshot as this one is labeled often

Best of Musical - Stage Entertainment
Leipzig/Germany - 2007

Maike Boerdam-Strobel, Thomas Borchert, Pia Douwes, Gino Emnes, Rob Fowler, Ana Milva Gomes, Patrick Stanke, Sabrina Weckerlin. 

Professionally filmed with several cameras & much zoom. Really good sound & picture

Best Of Musical Gala 2004
Hamburg/Germany - 2004

Der populäre TV-Moderator Sebastian Deyle präsentiert die Höhepunkte aus den schönsten und in Deutschland erfolgreichsten Musicals in einer Show. Eine Sendung des WDR Fernsehens in Zusamm-enarbeit mit STAGE HOLDING, Hamburg.

Best Of Musical Gala 2010
Dortmunt/Germany - February 24, 2010

Willemijn Verkaik, Pia Douwes, Ana Milva Gomes, Elisabeth Hübert, Patrick Stanke, Anton Zetterholm, DMJ und Mark Seibert

Crystal clear picture and only the tiniest bit of camera shake whn the when the filmer moves to follow the action quickly – nothing more than you’d expect from a moving camera though.  Some slight washout.  Filmer follows the action excellently; occasionally choosing to film the big screen to get a better close up of the action but the only issue is that the lighting rig gets in the way of the top of the big screen and sound/audio is off a bit.  Features songs from Chicago, Der Schuh des Manitu, Hairspray, Wicked and many others.

Best Of Musical Gala 2012 - Highlights
Germany - 2012

Highlights from different parts of the show. Sometimes filmed directly from the stage, sometimes from the videowall