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DVD's I - K

I am Harvey Milk
LA/America - July 19, 2014

Andrew Lippa (Harvey Milk), Alexandra Silber (Soprano), Quinn Morrissey (Young Harvey)

A very nice capture of this rarely performed concert inspired by the life of Harvey Milk. Andrew, Alexandra, and Quinn have beautiful voices and they create a moving experience with this performance. Also included are 36 minutes of highlights of the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles’s 35th Anniversary Concert that preceeded I Am Harvey Milk. Included songs are: Everyone Sang (Siegfried Sassoon, Eric Helmuth), They Sang to Me (Alan Shorter, Soloist Adonis Duque Abuyen), California Dreamin’ (John and Michelle Phillips), City of Angels (Thirty Seconds to Mars, soloists Tom Hietter, Kris Fitzgerald, Santo C Ragno, Chris Etscheid, Dennis A Sambolin), Beautiful City (Stephen Schwartz, Daniel Stewart), Nebula of Angels, Never Ever

I And You - MP4
London/England - 2018

Maisie Williams and Zach Wyatt


I love Lucy
Chicago/America - October 17, 2012

Sirena Irwin, Bill Mendieta, Curtis Pettyjohn, Joanna Daniels

This is a play that replicates "you" being at the taping of two episodes of the show. Includes commercials between scenes, just as if you were at a live taping.

Iceman Cometh Goodman, the
Chicago/America - April 26, 2012

Nathan Lane, Brian Dennehy, Stephen Ouimette, Marc Grapey, Salvatore Inzerillo, Larry Neumann, Jr., John Judd

Great capture from the 2012 Goodman Theatre production, in which the full cast would transfer to BAM in 2015 to reprise their roles. Production ran four hours long, not including intermission.

Ich bin musik
Ibbenbuhren/Germany - November 8, 2013

Patrick Stanke, Robberta Valentini

Ich bin musik
Ibbenbühren/Germay - November 30, 2013

Patrick Stanke, Rob Fowler, Marina Kommissartchik

PRO-SHOT multicam - Professionally filmed with several cameras, edited footage with menu and chapters. Wonderful Sound. 

Ich gehör nur mir
Oberhausen/Germany - April 17, 2010

Jan Ammann, Patrick Stanke, Sabrina Weckerlin, Sasha Kurth, Ethan Freeman, Annika Firley 

Sound quality is excellent, however the camera is often focused on areas other than the stage and when they are focused on the stage, the action is often blocked or severely cut off by a railing.

Ich gehör nur mir
Essen/Germany - May 24, 2010

Jan Ammann, Annika Firley, Ethan Freeman, Kristin Hölck, Sascha Kurth, Patrick Stanke, Sabrina Weckerlin, Ruhrpott-Pourie-Ensemble, accompanied by Marina Komissartchik on the piano 

The Elisabeth and Mozart! sections are significantly longer, with the plot narrated in-between the musical numbers, while the Rebecca and Marie Antoinette sections feature highlights of both shows.  The video itself is filmed from house-right stalls. The action is followed very well, using a variety of shots as appropriate and the sightlines are very good, asides from a head in the left of the screen slightly blocking part of the action on rare occasions. The colours are overall very good, if a bit dark due to the lighting of the show.

Ich gehör nur mir
Oberhausen/Germany - June 3, 2012

Patrick Stanke, Jan Ammann, Kristin Hölck, Sabrina Weckerlin, Sascha Kurth

Ich gehör nur mir gala - avi
Regensburg/Germany -  July 17, 2012

Pia Douwes, Matthias Stockinger, Carin Filipcic, Andreas Bieber

Picture: 7/10 (really shaky!), Sound: 8/10

Ich war noch niemals in New York
Hamburg/Germany - February 6, 2010

Franziska Becker - Lisa, Kasper Holmboe - Axel, Carin Abicht - u/s Maria, Horst Schultheis - Otto, Uli Scherbel - Fred, Ronny Rindler - Costa, Claudius Zimmermann - Kapitän/Minister, David Teichmann - Florian, Horst Kulmbrein - Steward, Dorina Maltschewa - Frau Menzel, Alex Avenell - u/s Frau Dünnbügel. 

Some head obstruction at the bottom

Ich war noch niemals in New York
Vienna/Austria - February 16, 2011

Ann Mandrella, Andreas Lichtenberger, Andy Bieber, Gianni Meurer

Quality: A

Ich war noch niemals in New York
Stuttgart/Germany - May 29, 2011 - Matinée

Charlotte Heinke - Lisa Wartberg, Karim Khawatmi - Axel Staudach, Regina Venus - Maria Wartberg, Michael Tietz - Otto Staudach, Uli Scherbel - Fred, Marco Billep - Costa, Jonathan Möller - Florian Staudach, Marc Schlapp - Kapitän/Minister, Horst Klumbrein - Steward, Tanja Schön - Frau Menzel, Ellen Wawrzyniak - Frau Sargnägele. 

Quality: A

Ich war noch niemals in New York
Stuttgart/Germany - April 22, 2012

Sabine Mayer, Karim Khawatmi, Karin Schröder, Ernst Wilhelm, Lenik, Uli Scherbel, Marco Billep, Horst Kulmbrein, Tanja Schön, Janina Goy. 

Heads in the way; steady obstruction

Ich war noch niemals in New York
Oberhausen/Germany, December 22, 2012

Nina Janke (Lisa Wartberg), Karim Khawatmi (Axel Staudach), Vitesha Benda (Maria Wartberg), Ernst Wilhelm Lenik (Otto Staudach), Uli Scherbel (Fred Hoffmann), Vladimir Korneev (Costa Antonidis), Leon Otto (Florian Staudach), Markus Düllmann (Kapitän), Eric Minsk (Steward), Susanna Panzner (Frau Alteisen), Cemile Bakanyildiz (Frau Menzel)

Quality: A- (1 DVD)

Ich war noch niemals in New York
Oberhausen/Germany - January 5, 2013

Nina Janke (Lisa Wartberg), Karim Khawatmi (Axel Staudach), Gisela Kraft (Maria Wartberg), Hans-Dieter Heiter (Otto Staudach), Uli Scherbel (Fred Hoffmann), Vladimir Korneev (Costa Antonidis), Marc Schlapp (Kapitän), Sanne Buskermolen (Frau Menzel), Cemile Bakandyliz (Frau Alteisen)

Ich war noch niemals in New York
Berlin/Germany - July 18, 2015

Karin Seyfried - Lisa Wartberg, Udo Eickelmann - Axel Staudach, Gisela Kraft - Maria Wartberg, Ernst Wilhelm Lenik - Otto Staudach, Andreas Bieber - Fred Hoffmann, Gianni Meurer - Costa Antonidis, Samantha Klots - Frau Dünnbügel, Patricia Hodell - Frau Menzel, Jochen Schmidke - Kapitein, Jarn-Felix Alt - Steward, Gianluca - Florian, Carl Richardson, Morten Daugaard, Olivia Kate Ward, Mike Sandomeno, Karina Rapley, Hannah McDonagh, Paul Gerritsen, Maren Kern, Nic Ineson, Michael Fernandez.

Las Vegas/America - July 10, 2016 - Matinee

Nathaniel Hackmann, Jessica Fontana, Paul Vogt, Jennifer Perry, Alex Ellis, Matt Loehr, Carmen Ruby Floyd, Jay Rogers, Connor Russell, Robbie Roby, James Tabeek, Holly Holcomb, Alex Puette, Blake Hammond, Alyssa Brizzi, Allison Blair McDowell, Destinee Rea, Christine Hudman. 

A hilarious satire that’s both a parody of Oklahoma and something new all it’s own, with plenty of references to many classic Broadway shows. It’s clever, self-aware, and unafraid of controversial topics. This is the world premiere production, so there will be plenty of changes as the show moves on. This is a perfect capture; there are no blackouts, no obstruction, no washout, and it’s very steady. It’s filmed in 16:9, with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. The sound is excellent. Includes curtain call, encore, and playbill scans. A+

Idina Menzel - A Date with Idina Menzel
Washington DC/America  - October 29, 2010

NSO Pops "A Date with Idina Menzel" with Marvin Hamlisch as conductor. Songs include: The Life of the Party, I'm Not That Girl, Love For Sale/Roxanne, Funny Girl, Don't Rain On My Parade, Asleep on the Wind, No Day But Today, Poker Face, Gorgeous, Good Morning Walker/I Feel So Smoochie, For Good (a cappella), Defying Gravity, What I Did For Love.

Idina Menzel - Barefoot at the Symphony
Toronto/Canada - 2011

Idina Menzel, Taye Diggs (Special Guest), Marvin Hamlisch (Conductor)

Multi-cam pro-shot.

Idina Menzel
Milwaukee/America - June 20, 2012

Concert Set List: Somewhere Over The Rainbow, The Wizard and I, Love for Sale / Roxanne (dialouge before song is blackout), Both Sides Now, Don't Rain on My Parade (blackout, audio only), God Save My Soul, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For / In Your Eyes, Take Me or Leave Me, No Day But Today, For Good, Defying Gravity, Learn To Live Without, Somewhere. 

Beautiful lengthy HD captured concert with an insane "fan" for the Duet portion. Also includes an Encore of a new song from If/Then

Idina Menzel -  Concert - Very Limited Trade
World Tour - 2015 

Idina Menzel

The screenshot says it al

Idina Menzel World Tour - NFT
Amsterdam/The Netherlands - June 16, 2015

Idina Menzel

No zoom

I'll Eat You Last: A Chat with Sue Mengers
Broadway/America - May 10, 2013

Bette Midler

This is perfectly filmed, unobstructed, focused and very steady with very few adjustments. Same Master as Wicked Broadway May 12, 2013 and Mathilda May 2013

Importance of being earnest, The
Broadway/America - February 11, 2011

Brian Bedford, Dana Ivey, Paxton Whitehead, Amanda Leigh Cobb, Santino Fontana, David Furr, Tim MacDonald, Paul O'Brien, Charlotte Parry, Sara Topham

In love with musical again 
Vienna/Austria - September 12, 2000

Pia Douwes, Uwe Kröger, Viktor Gernot, Marika Lichter

In love with musical again
Essen/Germany - April 9, 2002

Pia Douwes, Uwe Kröger, Marika Lichter, Viktor Gernot

Picture: 8/10, Sound: 9/10 Have got it with some strange (cd ROM?) files. When burned on dvd, it will start the show

In my life
Vienna/Austria - November 2, 2008

Maya Hakvoort

In nomine patris
Munich/Germany - October and November , 2008

Dean Welterlen, Jasmina Sakr, Patrick Stanke, Conny Zenz, Marc Liebisch, Thomas Jutzler

Multi-camera Proshot, only video of this show. Marc Liebisch is wonderful in this.

In the Heights - First preview
Broadway/America - February 14, 2008

Seth Stewart, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Eliseo Roman, Olga Merediz, Janet Dacal, Andréa Burns, Carlos Gomez, Priscilla Lopez, Robin de Jesus, Christopher Jackson, Karen Olivo, Mandy Gonzalez 
A couple of millisecond skips during the first number of the first video and there is some shakiness.  Very few close-ups. Since this was still in preview, some lines are different from the Broadway version.

In the heights
Broadway/America - May 3, 2008

Javier Munoz (Usnavi u/s), Andrea Burns, Robin De Jesus, Carlos Gomez, Mandy Gonzales, Christopher Jackson, Priscilla Lopez, Olga Merediz, Karan Olivo

Great capture of this great show with fantastic closeups.

In the heights
US Tour/America - August 10, 2010

Joseph Morales, Lexi Lawson, Arielle Jacobs, Rogelio Douglas, Jr., Elise Santora, Christopher Chatman, Genny Lis Padilla, Isabel Santiago, Natalie Toro, Danny Bolero

Nice capture of the tour after some cast changes. Good sound and picture throughout. 

In the heights
Broadway/America - August 21, 2010

Kyle Beltran, Jordin Sparks, Clifton Oliver, Marcy Harriell, Doreen Montalvo (Daniela u/s), Shaun Taylor-Corbett, Olga Merediz, Courtney Reed, Priscilla Lopez, Rick Negron, Jon Rua

In the Heights
California/America - March 30, 2014

Usnavi: Lano Medina; Nina: Ayme Olivo; Benny: Frank Authello Andrus Jr.; Vanessa: Rachae Thomas; Abuela Claudia: Tami Dahbura; Kevin: Benjamin Perez, Celina Clarich Polanco, Robert Ramirez, Carla: Anna Gabrielle Gonzalez,  Jose-Luis Lopez, Jonathan Arana; Ensemble: Marcos Aguirre, Risa Baeza, John Paul Batista, Charlotte Chau-Pech, Ariella Fiore, Javier Garcia, Natalie Iscovich, Andrew Retland, Tiago, Shaun Tuazon, Elizabeth Maria Walsh.

A perfect capture of this production. It’s great to see this show done regionally, and interesting to see a new cast’s take on each role. Lano makes a great Usnavi.  The show is captured very well from start to finish, with no washout, no obstruction, and no blackouts. There are a couple scenes that are a bit dark, but everything can still be seen. The video is steady, and the sound is excellent as usual. IIncludes curtain call.

In The Heights - MP4
Olney (MA)/America - September 21, 2017

Robin De Jesus (Usnavi), Mili Diaz (Nina), Linedy Genao (Vanessa), Marquise White (Benny), Rayanne Gonzales (Abuela Claudia), Michael J. Mainwaring (Sonny), Vilma Gil (Camila), Melissa Victor (Carla), Natascia Diaz (Daniela), Danny Bolero (Kevin), Tobias A. Young (Piragua Guy), Juan Drigo Ricafort (Graffiti Pete). Most of Paciencia y Fe, and 

Some of Blackout are missing. Sometimes good, sometimes shaky. Original MP4 raw files (23,5 GB)

In Transit
Broadway/America - November 13, 2016

Justin Guarini, Erin Mackey, Telly Leung, James Snyder, David Abeles, Moya Angela, Chesney Snow, Margo Seibert, Mariand Torres. 

Excellent HD capture of the new acapella musical. An actually enjoyable show that moves at a fast pace. Great talent and skills among the cast as they create all the sound you hear. A 

In Transit

Broadway/America - December 29, 2016

Chesney Snow (u/s), Laurel Harris (u/s), Justin Guarini, Margo Seibert, James Snyder, Arbender Robinson (u/s), Moya Angela, Mariand Torres, Gerianne Perez, David Abeles, Nicholas Ward. 

A fantastic show with incredible vocals. The whole cast has a great energy and works well together.  A good capture overall with a few issues. There are about ten minutes of blackouts total; two minutes during the opening number, two and a half minutes at the beginning of Do What I Do and the scene before it, one minute during the scene before Four Days Home, two and a half minutes during Saturday Night Obsess, one minute at the end of Keep It Going, and a couple other quick dropouts. There is also one head on the right side; it’s worked around as much as possible, but it occasionally blocks the action. It’s a blu-ray converted in a single dvd and the converted version has got problems; looking for a good capture!

Broadway/America - May 10, 2017

Katrina Lenk, Mimi Lieber, Max Gordon Moore, Tom Nelis, Steven Rattazzi, Richard Topol, Adina Verson

Indecent – MKV
Broadway/America - August 3, 2017 - MKV

Katrina Lenk, Mimi Lieber, Max Gordon Moore, Tom Nelis, Steven Rattazzi, Richard Topol, and Adina Verson. Matt Darriau, Lisa Gutk

PBS Pro-shot. Optional subtitles included.

Intelligent Homosexual’s Guide to Capitalism and Socialism with a Key to the Scriptures, the
Barkley/America - June 1, 2014

Mark Margolis, Liz Wisan, Lou Liberatore, Joseph J Parks, Randy Danson, Jordan Geiger, Tyrone Mitchell Henderson, Anthony Fusco, Deirdre Lovejoy, Tina Chilip, Robynn Rodriguez) 

A great capture of this play during it’s run at Berkeley Rep. The show is hysterical, heart-breaking, and thought-provoking all at once. The cast is wonderful, taking on these complex characters creating a great family dynamic. The show is very nicely captured with no washout or obstruction, and the video is steady. The first minute or so of act two is blacked out, but there are no other dropouts. The sound is excellent as usual. It’s filmed in 16:9 with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. Includes curtain call and playbill scans. The show is three acts with two intermissionson o edit text

Irma de la Douce
The Netherlands - 2001/2002

Irma la Douce: Janke Dekker, Nestor le Frippe: Oscar Fred Butter,  Bobette: Carry Tefsen

Pro Shot

It Shoulda Been You
Broadway/America - April 11, 2015

Sierra Boggess, Tyne Daly, Harriet Harris, Lisa Howard, David Burtka, Montego Glover, Josh Girsetti, Adam Heller, Edward Hibbert, Michael X. Martin, Anne L. Nathan, Nick Spangler, Chip Zien. 

Brilliant capture of the hysterical new musical. Sierra is brilliant, Tyne and Harriet are fantastic - and Lisa steals the show. Great humor in the show. A head on the left side of the stage is shot around nicely, but it is present when action is over near it. A

It should have been you
Broadway/America - July 21, 2015

Sierra Boggess, Tyne Daly, Harriet Harris, Chip Zien, Edward Hibbert, Lisa Howard, Montego Glover, Brian Howard, Josh Grisetti, Adam Heller

It's a Bird...It's a Plane...It's Superman!
Off Broadway/America  - March 21, 2013

Edward Watts, Jenny Powers, Will Swenson, Alli Mauzey, David Pittu, Craig Hennigsen, Suo Liu, Adam Monley, Jason Ng, James Saito, Scott Weber, Wendi Bergamini, Ward Billeisen, Sam Bolen, Stephen Carrasco, Hannah Florence, Sara J Jean Ford, Miles Johnson, Max Kumangai, Samantha Massell, Skye Mattox, Kenita R. Miller, Michael Mindlin, Jessica Lea Patty, David Scott Purdy, Manuel Stark, Charlie Williams, Kristen Wyatt, Samantha Zack

Very brief blackout and missing 15 seconds after a song in Act 2 due to a battery problem. Good video A-

It's Only A Play
Broadway/America - December 29, 2014


It's Only A Play
Broadway/America - January 31, 2015

Matthew Broderick, Martin Short, Stockard Channing, Katie Finneran, F. Murray Abraham, Maulik Pancholy, Micah Stock. 

Beautiful HD capture of this hilarious play.This features the new cast after the theater switch. Everyone did a wonderful job and was such great time. A

Jack de Ripper
Zoetermeer (Theater Kwadrant)/The Netherlands - October 5, 2010

Gijs Geers, Martine de Jong, Milan van Weelden, Manon Jasperse, Rianne Veenstra, Kevin van der Leeuw, Maarten Kat, Maarten Fluit, Eveline van Kampen

Pro shot from regional production

Jacques Brel Is Alive and Well and Living in Paris
London/England – November 2014

Gina Beck, Daniel Boys, David Burt, Eve Polycarpou

Filmed from the back of the theatre with a great view of the stage. The show's light design (no spotlights on the performers) made it more difficult to film and to see at times, but it's still a very good video, following the action well throughout the show. Good clear sound throughout.

Jan Ammann - Musical - Concert
Oberhausen/Germany - August 30, 2013

Jan Ammann Michaela Schober, Kerstin Ibald, Andreas Bieber

Jan Ammann - Musical - Concert
Oberhausen/Germany - September 15, 2014

Jan Ammann, Michaela Schober, Carin Filpicic, Dennis Henschel

Jane Eyre - MP4
London/England - August 12, 2015

Laura Elphinstone, Felix Hayes, Phil King

This acclaimed re-imagining of Bronte's masterpiece was first staged by Bristol Old Vic last year, when the story was performed over two evenings. Director Sally Cookson now brings her celebrated production to the National, presented as a single, exhilarating performance broadcast live to cinemas. 

Jantjes, de
The Netherlands - 1998

Danny de Munk, Carry Tefsen, Peter Faber, Mariska van Kolck, Leontine Borsato, Ryan vd Akker


Jantjes, de - NFT
The Netherlands - 2013

Rosalie de Jong, Job Bovelander, Stefan de Kogel, Rick Sessink, Nikki van Ostaijen, Willeke Alberti, Arie Cupé, Winston Post, Kaily van Starrenburg, Ellen Evers, Jasper Kerkhof, Yvonne Valkenburg, Maja van den Broecke.


Jason Robert Brown in Concert - MP4
New York (Abrons arts centre)/America - April 28 - 30, 2011

Jason Robert Brown and Anika Noni Rose

Beautiful HD capture, 1.94 GB

Jason Robert Brown in Concert
Hamburg/Germany - September 20, 2011

Jason Robert Brown, Pia Douwes, Sabrina Weckerlin and others

Jawbreaker The Musical
LA/America - June 29, 2010

Shoshana Bean, Eden Espinosa, Jenna Leigh Green, Megan Hilty, Katie Thompson, Marty Thomas, James Snyder, Elizabeth Brackenbury, Aynsley Bubicco, Scarlett Cherry, Deborah S. Craig, Nick Galbraith, Katie Kern, Jen Malenke, Lesli Margherita, Vic Mazzone, Aaron Neely Leslie Odom Jr., Jackie Seiden, Ashley Fink

Jeans 18
The Netherlands - 2008/2009

DVD from Jeans Company. Year 18, Pro Shot

Jekyll & Hyde
Tampa/America - December 15, 1995

Robert Cuccioli (Jekyll/Hyde), Linda Eder (Lucy), Christiane Noll (Lisa) 

Date and Place not sure... very old capture, wider shots are blurred and nt very watchable, the close ups are still pretty good though

Jekyll and Hyde
Broadway/America - 1997

This is the performance when Linda Eder was unwell so she spoke her lines but her songs were sung by Emily Skinner from off stage.  Amazing this was even caught on tape.

Jekyll and Hyde - MP4 - Premiere
Dresden/Germany - January 25, 2008

Chris Murray (Jekyll/Hyde), Ilonka Vöckel (Emma), Susanna Panzner(Lucy), Hans-Jürgen Wiese (Utterson), Hilmar Meier (Sir Danvers), Jochen Staudinger (General Lord Glossop), Gerd Wiemer (Simon Stride), Christian Theodoridis(Sir Archibald Proops), Christian Grygas (Spider), Mandy Garbrecht (Guinevre), Roland Amberger (Priester), Roland Pietzsch (Poole)

Jekyll and Hyde
Daegu/South Korea - October 12, 2009

Brad Little (Jekyll/Hyde), Juan Jackson (Utterson), Belinda Wollaston (Lucy), Lucy Maunder (Emma), Barry Langrishe (Sir Danvers), Hayden Tee (Stride) 


Jekyll and Hyde 
Broadway (Plymouth Theatre)/America - 2010

Offcial DVD with David Hasselhoff, Coleen Sexton, Andrea Rivette

Pro Shot with subtitles

Jekyll and Hyde - NFT
UK Tour/England - 2011

Marti Pellow, Sarah Earnshaw, Sabrina Carter, Mark McGee, David Delve, Jacob Chapman

Jekyll and Hyde 
Durham (UK Tour)/England - January 12, 2013

Constantine Maroulis (Jekyll/Hyde), Deborah Cox (Lucy), Teal Wicks (Emma), Richard White (Sir Danvers Crew), Laird Mackintosh (John Utterson), Blair Ross (Lady Beaconsfield), Jason Wooten (Simon Stride), Brian Gallagher (Lord Savage), David Benoit (Bishop of Basinstroke)

Jekyll and hyde
Chicago (US Tour), Illinois/America - March 19, 2013

Constantine Maroulis (Jekyll/Hyde), Deborah Cox (Lucy), Teal Wicks (Emma), Richard White (Sir Danvers Crew), Laird Mackintosh (John Utterson), Blair Ross (Lady Beaconsfield), Jason Wooten (Simon Stride), Brian Gallagher (Lord Savage), David Benoit (Bishop of Basinstroke)

Pre-Broadway. Beautiful HD Capture of the final stop before heading to Broadway with no obstructions

Jekyll and Hyde - MP4
Korea - January 14, 2015

Euntae Park, Sonya, Jihye Lee

Jekyll & Hyde

Schwerin/Germany - May 2018

Marc Clear (Henry Jekyll/Edward Hyde), Femke Soetenga (Lucy Harris), Marie-Therese Anselm (Lisa), Cornelius Lewenberg (Gabriel John Utterson), Sebastian Kroggel (Simon Stride), Ks. Petra Nadvornik (Lady Beaconsfield), Matthias Koziorowski (Bischof von Basingstoke), Martin Scheil (Lord Savage), Gottfried Richter (General Lord Glossop/Poole/Pfarrer 2), Matthias Unruh (Sir Archibald Proops/Spider/ein Zuhälter), Itziar Lesaka (Nellie), Uwe Skowronek (Bisset), Ludwig Wien (Zeitungsjunge), Tomoji Okita (Pfarrer 1), André Schmidtke, Jaewon Kim, Wieland Beer, Michael Meiske, Agim Kasumi

Jekyll meets Friends            
Bremen/Germany - Februari 18, 2000

Brigitte Oelke, Ethan Freeman, Pia Douwes, Uwe Kröger, Steve Barton, Lyn Lichty, Eva Maria Marold, Darius Merstein McLeod, Kenneth Posey, Christian Venzke

Jersey Boys
Broadway/America - January 11, 2006

John Lloyd Young (Frankie Valli), Christian Hoff (Tommy DeVito), Daniel Reichard (Bob Gaudio), J. Robert Spencer (Nick Massi), Michael Longoria (Joe Pesci), Peter Gregus (Bob Crewe), Mark Lotito (Gyp)

Jersey Boys
US Tour (San Francisco)/America - August 3, 2007

Jarrod Spector (Frankie Valli), Jeremy Kushnier (Tommy DeVito), Drew Gehling(Bob Gaudio), John Hickman (u/s Nick Massi), Craig Laurie, Wade McCollum, Lauren Marshall, Steven M. Goldsmith, Ryan Quinn West, Mike Erickson (u/s), Rashad Naylor, Jenny Lee Ramos, Jake Speck (u/s), Lyndsey Cole

Jersey Boys
US Tour (Toronto)/Canada - November 8, 2008

Joseph Leo Bwarie, Steve Gouveia, Jeremy Kushnier, Andrew Rannells, Jonathan Hadley, Joseph Siravo

Jersey Boys - Limited trade
America (National Tour) - November 9, 2012

Brandon Andrus (Nick Massi), Stephen Cerf (u/s Tommy Devito), Jason Kappus (Bob Gaudio), Brad Weinstock (Frankie Valli), Barry Anderson (Bob Crewe)

Funny and charming show with great vocals from the 2nd National Tour. Complete show, including curtain calls and BCEFA speech. There is slight shakiness in between scenes but generally very steady and clear. The only thing that irks me is how the camera picked up all the stage markings, but otherwise, great show!

Jersey Boys - Minimal Highlights - MP4
Utrecht/The Netherlands - 2013/2014

Maarten Smeele/Martijn Vogel (Frankie Valli), René van Kooten (Tommy DeVito), Robbert van den Bergh (Nick Massi), Dieter Spileers (Bob Gaudio).

Minimal highlights includes: Walk Like a Man (Martijn), Walk Like a Man (Maarten), Sherry (Maarten) and Big Girls don't Cry (Maarten).

Jersey Boys - Highlighs from derniere - MP4
Utrecht (Beatrix Theater) - July 27, 2014

Tim Driesen, Rene van Kooten, Robbert van den Bergh, Dieter Spileers, Myrthe Maljers, Willemijn de Vries

Highlights from the last show in The Netherlands. Highlights include Beggin, Bye Bye Baby, Cant take my eyes of you, Dawn, Oh what a night, Sherry, Working my way back to you. No good quality at all, heads in the way, sometimes focused on the heads )the obstruction ones' instead of the stage, no zoom at all

Jersey Boys - MOV
US Tour/America - November 1, 2014

Hayden Milanes (Frankie Valli), Nicolas Dromard (Tommy DeVito), Keith Hines (Nick Massi), Drew Seeley (Bob Gaudio), Barry Anderson (Bob Crewe), Thomas Fiscella (Gyp DeCarlo), De’Lon Grant (Barry Belson), Jaycie Dotin (Lorraine), Marlana Dunn (Mary Delgado), Leslie Rochette (Francine), John Rochette (Norm Waxman), Tommaso Antico (Hank Majewski),  Jonny Wexler (Joey), Keith White (Billy Dixon)

Beautiful HD Capture. Missing the first Minute and a half (Ces Soirees-La). Master had to  work around a mezzanine bar which is barely an issue. Some washout and wandering but isn't much of an issue either. Picture turns pixelated once or twice for a very short amount of time when camera is focused on colored screen in background. Capture includes Encore.

Jersey Boys - NFT
UK Tour/England - 2015

Frankie Valli: Tim Driesen, Bob Gaudio: Sam Ferriday, Nick Massi: Lewis Griffiths, Tommy De Vito: Stephen Webb, Joe Pesci: Damian Buhagiar, Francine: Samantha Hull

This cast was simply superb and one of my favorites. Good DVD, audio seems hollow at some points although that can be do to my own new windows installation

Jersey Boys
Broadway/America - August 19, 2015

Joseph Leo Bwarie, Jared Bradshaw as (u/s) Tommy, Matt Bogart, Quinn VanAntwerp, Miles Aubrey, Candi Boyd, Cara Cooper. 

Excellent HD video with clear picture and wonderful sound, very nice video. 

Jersey Boys
Broadway/America - December 28, 2016

Jon Hacker (alt. Frankie Valli), Drew Seeley (Bob Gaudio), Matt Bogart (Nick Massi), Nicolas Dromard, Peter Gregus, Jared Bradshaw (u/s), Mark Lotito, Kara Tremel, John Rochette, John Edwards, Kyli Rae (u/s), Jessica Rush, Tommaso Antico, Leo Huppert, Joe Payne

A great capture of the show before it closed. Jon is a solid Frankie and gels well with the rest of the cast. This is a near perfect capture with no washout, no obstruction, and just a couple one-minute blackouts in the first few minutes of act one. It’s filmed in 16:9, with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. The sound is excellent. Includes curtain call, encore, and playbill scans.

Jersey Boys
US Tour (LA)/America - June 16, 2017

Mark Ballas (Frankie), Cory Jeacoma (Bob), Matthew Dailey (Tommy), Keith Hines (Nick), Barry Anderson (Bob Crewe), Thomas Fiscella (Gyp DeCarlo), Kristen Paulicelli (Mary Delgado).

A fantastic and beautiful capture of this company with no obstructions. 

Joe - Preview
The Netherlands - Date unknown

Stanley Burleson, Vera Mann, Simone Kleinsma eo

Pro shot, with a bit generation loss, good for its age

Julius Caesar - NTL - MKV
London/England - March 22/23, 2018

Ben Whishaw, Michelle Fairley, David Calder, David Morrissey, Wendy Kweh, Leaphia Darko, Fred Fergus, Michelle Fairley, Kit Young, Mark Penfold

Broadcast live from The Bridge Theatre, London. 

Jungle Book, the - Limited trades
Chicago/America - August 11, 2013

Akash Chopra, Kevin Carolan, Usman Ally, Andre De Shields, Anjali Bhimani, Larry Yando, Thomas Derrah, Ed Kross, Glory Curda. 

Beautiful HD capture of the Disney version of The Jungle Book. Great production using the Disney songs and added Sherman Brothers materials. Some beautiful performances from the cast!

Junk: The Golden Age of Debt
La Jolla/America - August 20, 2016

Annika Boras, Benjamin Burdick, Tony Carlin, Josh Cooke, Zora Howard,  Jennifer Ikeda, Jason Kravits,  Zakiya Iman Markland, Jeff Marlow, Sean McIntyre,  David Rasche, Matthew Rauch, Armando Riesco, Linus Roache, Hunter Spangler, Henry Stram, Keith Wallace. 

This is a fantastic capture overall. There is a two-minute blackout toward the beginning of the show and a couple other very quick dropouts, but the play is otherwise fully captured. There is one head that can occasionally be seen, but is worked around fine and doesn’t affect the action. There is no washout. It’s filmed in 16:9, with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. The sound is excellent. The show is three acts on two discs. Includes playbill scans. A

Kein Pardon
Düsseldorf/Germany - April 12, 2012

Enrico de Pieri, H.P Lengkeit, Iris Schumacher, Petra Welteroth, Frank Bahrenberg, Claudia Dilay Hauf, Reinhard Brussmann, Susanna Panzner, Roberta Valentini, Tobias Bode, Heike Schmitz,  Wolfgang Schwingler, Björn Klein 

Menu starts with 'April 2012'

Kein Pardon - Dirk's Derniere - Limited trade
Dusseldorf/Germany - April 29, 2012

Enrico de Pieri, Dirk Bach, Iris Schumacher, Verena Plangger, Frank Bahrenberg, Claudia Dilay Hauf, Reinhard Brussmann, Susanna Panzner, Roberta Valentini, Tobias Bode, Heike Schmitz,  Julian Button. 

Menu starts with 'Dirk Bachs Derniere'

Kein Pardon
Düsseldorf/Germany - July 2012

Enrico de Pieri, Achim Menzel, Heike Schmitz, Verena Plangger, Carlo Lauber, Claudia Dilay Hauf, Reinhard Brussmann, Susanna Panzner, Tobias Bode, Julia Waldmayer, Kim-Deborah Tomaszewski, Julian Button. 

Menu starts with July 2012'
Quality: A, bit more obstructions in the bottem than the other captures

Kein Pardon
Düsseldorf/Germany - October 2012

Enrico de Pieri, Roberto Blanco, Iris Schumacher, Verena Plangger, H. P Lengkeit, Janine Buck, Timo Ben Schöfer, Susanna Panzner,  Wolfgang Schwingler, Jana Stelley, Heike Schmitz, Julian Button

Menu starts with 'October 2012' 

Kein Pardon
Dusseldorf/Germany - November 15, 2012

Enrico de Pieri, H.P Lengkeit, Heike Schmitz, Petra Welteroth, Frank Bahrenberg, Esther Mink, Timo Ben Schöfer, Claudia Dilay Hauf, Björn Klein, Julia Waldmayer, Janine Buck, Wolfgang Schwingler

Menu starts with 'November 2012' 

Kein Pardon
Dusseldorf/Germany - November 28, 2012

Enrico de Pieri, Roberto Blanco, Iris Schumacher, Petra Welteroth, H.P Lengkeit, Esther Mink, Julian Button,  Claudia Dilay Hauf,  Timo Ben Schöfer,  Jana Stelley,  Kim-Deborah Tomaszewski, Björn Klein

Menu starts with November 2012 - Roberto Blanco

Kein Pardon
Düsseldorf/Germany - December 2012

Benjamin Sommerfeld, Tetje Mierendorf, Iris Schumacher, Verena Plangger, H.P. Lengkeit, Fabienne Hesse, Timo Ben Schöfer, Nicole Rößler, Tom Dewulf, Jana Stelley, Heike Schmitz, Julian Button

Menu starts with 'december 2012'

Kein Pardon - Closing Night
Düsseldorf/Germany - December 31, 2012

Enrico de Pieri (Peter Schlönzke), Paul Kribbe (Heinz Wäscher), Iris Schumacher (Mutter Schlönzke), Verena Plangger (Oma Schlönzke), Frank Bahrenberg (Opa Schlönzke), Fabienne Hesse (Karin), Reinhard Brussmann (Betram), Nicole Rößler (Doris), Timo Ben Schöfer (Walter), Julia Lißel (Ulla), Heike Schmitz (Tante Irmgard / Comedian), Julian Button (Hardy Loppmann)

Menu starts with 'derniere 31.12.2012

Kerry Ellis and Brian May - Born Free Tour - Highlights - MP4
High Wycombe/England - November 19, 2012

Kerry Ellis and Brian May

Last show of first leg of Born Free Tour, 60 min highlights, lot of heads in the way

Kerry Ellis and Louise Dearman - One off concert -  Highlights - MP4
London/England - September 27, 2015

Kerry Ellis and Louise Dearman

Songs include: Let me be your star,Anything you can do, Queen of the night,Chess. Chandelier, Lane theatre arts medley. 65 min highlights, most of the time no zoom and lots of obstruction 

King and I, the - MP4
São Paulo/Brazil - 2010

Claudia Netto as Anna, Tuca Andrada as The King and Bianca Tadini as Toptim


King and I, the - NSMT
Beverley/America - September 2011

Lorenzo Lamas (The King of Siam), Kate Fisher (Anna Leonowens), Joshue Dela Cruz (Lun Tha), Manna Nichols (Tuptim), Lisa Yuen (Lady Thiang) 


King and I, the
Broadway/America - March 15, 2015

Kelli O'Hara, Ken Watanabe, Ruthie Ann Miles, Ashley Park, Conrad Ricamora, Edward Baker-Duly, Jon Viktor Corpuz, Murphy Guyer, Jake Lucas, Paul Nakauchi.

Beautiful HD capture of this stunning revival. Kelli gives a beautiful performance as Anna, as does the entire cast in this lavish production. A 3 DVD

King and I, the
Broadway/America - March 28, 2015

Kelli O'Hara, Ken Watanabe, Edward Baker-Duly, Jon Viktor Corpuz, Murphy Guyer, Jake Lucas, Ruthie Ann Miles, Paul Nakauchi, Marc Oka, Ashley Park, Conrad Ricamora, Adriana Braganza, Amaya Braganza, LaMae Caparas, Hsin-Ping Chang, Andrew Cheng, Lynn Masako Cheng, Olivia Chun, Ali Ewoldt, Ethan Halford Holder, Cole Horibe, MaryAnn Hu, James Ignacio, Misa Iwama, Christie Kim, Kelvin Moon Loh, Sumie Maeda, Paul HeeSang Miller, Rommel Pierre O'Choa, Kristen Faith Oei, Autumn Ogawa, Diane Phelan, William Poon, Brian Rivera, Bennyroyce Royon, Lainie Sakakura, Ann Sanders, Ian Saraceni, Atsuhisa Shinomiya,

Excellent HD video filmed from center mezzanine; very clear picture, very nice close-ups and good clear sound; very good video A 1 DVD

King and I, the
Broadway/America - May 12, 2016

​Marrin Mazzie (Anna Leonowens), Daniel Dae Kim (The King of Siam), Ruthie Ann Miles (Lady Thiang), Paul Nakauchi (Kralahome), Ashley Park (Tuptim), Conrad Ricamora (Lun Tha), Jack Lucas (Louis Leonowens),
Edward Baker-Duly (Sir Edward Ramsey)

Most of the show is here. Bits are missing

King and I, the
Broadway/America - June 18, 2016 - Matinee

Anna Leonowens: Marin Mazzie, King of Siam: Daniel Dae Kim, Lady Thiang: Ruthie Ann Miles, Kralahome: Paul Nakauchi, Tuptim: Ashley Park, Lun Tha: Conrad Ricamora, Prince Chulalongkorn: Jon Viktor Corpuz, Louis Leonowens: Nicky Torchia, Captain Orton: Rocco Sisto, Sir Edward Ramsey: Edward Baker-Duly, Phra Alack: Marc Oka, Princess Ying Yaowalak: Christie Kim, Dancers: Atsuhisa Shinomiya, Erica Wong, Hana Colley, Arisa Odaka

A nice capture of the final cast from the week before it closed. Marin and Daniel are wonderful; Marin’s voice soars, Daniel has great comedic timing, and they have a nice chemistry together.  There are a couple heads that can occasionally be seen but don’t block the action. There are a couple quick dropouts, but no major blackouts. There is some slight washout in a few of the wider shots. 

King and I, the
US Tour (Hollywood, LA)/America - December 15, 2016

Laura Michelle Kelly, Jose Llana, Joan Almedilla, Brian Rivera, Manna Nichols, Kavin Panmeechao, Anthony Chan, Graham Montgomery, Baylen Thomas, Darren Lee, Rylie Sickles, Lamae Caparas, Amaya Braganza, Nobutaka Mochimaru, Yuki Ozeki, Rommel Pierre O’Choa, Michiko Takemasa, Jaden D Amistad, Kayla Paige Amistad, Adriana Braganza, Andrew Cheng, Michelle Liu Coughliin, Daniel J Edwards, Nicole Ferguson, Marie Gutierrez, Mindy Lai, Q Lim, Stephanie Lo, Michael Lomeka, Sam Simahk, Noah Toledo, CJ Uy. 

This is very nicely captured overall with no washout and just a couple quick dropouts. There is one head that blocks the actors feet on the left side of the stage for the first 20 minutes; after that it is worked around fine and rarely noticeable. It’s filmed in 16:9, with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. The sound is excellent. Includes curtain call and playbill scans. A

King and I - MP4
London/England - 2018

Kelli O'Hara (Anna), Ken Watanabe (The King), Ruthie Ann Miles. Dean John-Wilson, Na-Young Jeon and Takao Osawa. 

Camshot from proshot

King Lear - NTL - MKV
London/England - May 1, 2014

Simon Russell Beale, Adrian Scarborough, Anna Maxwell Martin, Kate Fleetwood, Olivia Vinall, Stanley Townsend, Michael Nardone, Paapa Essiedu, Richard Clothier, Tom Brooke, Stephen Boxer) 

Multiple cameras Proshot of the new production at the National Theatre. Broadcast live in cinemas through a satellite feed and this was captured from that feed. Perfect 5.1 sound and HD video. The original 1080p Files are available

Kinky Boots
Chicago (Pre-Broadway)/America - October 2, 2012

Stark Sands (Charlie Price), Billy Porter (Lola), Annaleigh Ashford (Lauren), Celina Carvajal (Nicola), Marcus Neville (George), Daniel Stewart Sherman (Don), Steven Berger (Mr. Price), Andy Kelso (Harry), Tory Ross (Pat), Jennifer Perry (Trish)

Very beautyful capture without any obstructions. Nice closeups and zooms.

Kinky Boots - Derniere Chicago
Chicago/America - November 4, 2012

Stark Sands, Billy Porter, Annaleigh Ashford, Celina Carvajal, Danie Stewart Sherman, Marcus Neville

Last performance in Chicago before Broadway. This performance has many changes from the other Chicago Dvd of the first performance. Includes the new song written towards the end of the Chicago run and many line changes. Also includes curtain speech by Stark.

Kinky Boots - First Broadway Preview - Limited trade
Broadway/America - March 3, 2013

Stark Sands, Billy Porter, Annaleigh Ashford, Celina Carvajal, Daniel Stewart Sherman, Marcus Neville

First Preview on Broadway. A few changes here and there from the Pre-Broadway version.

Kinky Boots
Broadway/America - March 15, 2013

Stark Sands (Charlie Price), Billy Porter (Lola), Annaleigh Ashford (Lauren), Celina Carvajal (Nicola), Daniel Stewart Sherman (Don), Marcus Neville (George), Jonah Halperin (s/b Young Charlie), Marquise Neal (Young Lola)

Fun show with a pertinent (but not obtrusive) message, Billy Porter is just amazing. This is somewhat more obstructed than other shows because the person in front was leaning forward and moving a lot, so there's a head in some of the scenes. Some shakiness and wandering in between, particularly at the beginning, but otherwise a good video with nice closeups. Complete show including curtain call.

Kinky Boots
LA (CA)/America - November 15, 2014

Steven Booth, Kyle Taylor Parker, Lindsay Nicole Chambers, Joe Coots, Grace Stockdale, Craig Waletzko, Amelia Cormack, Mike Longo, Ross Lekit es, Bonnie Milligan, David McDonald, Horace V. Rogers, Anne Tolpegin, Anthony Picarello, Andrew Theo Johnson

Great clear video with no blackouts, obstructions, or washout; filmed in 16:9, with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. Excellent sound, very nice video

Kinky Boots
US Tour/America - April 17, 2016 - Evening

Charlie Price: Adam Kaplan, Lola/Simon: J Harrison Ghee, Lauren: Tiffany Engen, Don: Aaron Walpole, Nicola: Charissa Hogeland, George: Jim J Bullock, Trish: Shawna M Hamic, Harry: Josh Tolle, Richard Bailey: Zach Adkins, Pat: Patty Lohr, Mr Price: Tom Souhrada, Simon Sr: Horace V Rogers, Milan Stage Manager: Annie Edgerton, Young Charlie: Aidan Passaro, Young Lola: Jomil Elijah Robinson

A very nice capture of the current tour cast. They gel nicely together and give fantastic performances. This is filmed with no obstruction, no washout, and just a couple quick dropouts in each act. It’s filmed in 16:9, with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. The sound is excellent. Includes curtain call and playbill scans. Overall Rating: A

Kinky Boots
Hamburg/Germany - 2017

Dominik Hees (Charlie), Gino Emnes (Lola), Franziska Schuster (Nikola), Jeannine Michéle Wacker (Lauren), Benjamin Eberling (Don), Tilmann Madaus (George), Steffi Irmen (Pat), Kaatje Dierks (Trish), Fleur Alders (Marge/Milan Stage Manager), Jana Stelley (Gemma Louise), Denise Jastraunig (Maggie), Frank Logemann (Mr. Price), Sebastian Krolik (Richard/Paddington), Marlon Wehmeier (Harry/Crispin), Luther Simon (Simon Senior), Boris Böhringer (Hooch), Marco Heinrich (Mutt), Clayton Sia (Referee), Angels: Pedro Batista Gonzalez, Taylor David, Dorival Junco, Raúl Martin Rodriguez, Clayton Sia, Alex Snova, Chime (Lola als Kind), Gustav (Charlie als Kind)

Kinky Boots - MOV
Broadway/America - June 14, 2017 (Not sure)

Brendon Urie (Charlie), J. Harrison Ghee (Lola), Taylor Louderman (Lauren), Shannon O'Boyle (Nicola), Daniel Stewart Sherman (Don) 

Files is made on june 14, 2017 on 23.35 so i think this is the correct date, but i dont know that for sure. Ends during Raise You Up

Kinky Boots - Lola Highlights
Hamburg/Germany - April 29, 2018

Benét Monteiro (alt. Lola), Dominik Hees (Charlie), Jeannine Wacker (Lauren), Franziska Schuster (Nikola), Benjamin Eberling (Don), Frank Logemann (alt. George), Steffi Irmen (Pat), Kaatje Dierks (Trish), Linda Konrad (alt. Marge/Milan Stage Manager), Jana Stelley (Gemma Louise), Denise Jastraunig (Maggie), Boris Böhringer (alt. Mr. Price), Sebastian Krolik (Richard Bailey), Marlon Wehmeier (Harry/Chrispin), Christopher Hemmans (alt. Simon Senior), Paolo Avanzini (alt. Hooch), Marco Heinrich (Mutt), Angels: Alex Snova (u/s Referee), Tayler Davis, Pedro Antonio Batista Gonzalez, Dorivan Junco, Raúl Martin Rodriguez, Stephan Zenker, Benel (Lola Jr.), Justin (Charlie Jr.)

Approx. 90 minutes of Lola-centred highlights. Including ALL scenes starring Lola + a bonus clip of "History of wrong guys".

Kinky Boots
Broadway/America - July 2018

David Cook, Stephane Duret (u/s Lola), Stephen Berger, Cooper Lantz, Jesus Del Orden, Eugene Barry-Hill, Caroline Bowman, Marcus Neville, Daniel Stewart Sherman, Carrie St. Louis, Holly Davis (u/s), Corey Mach, Callan Bergman, Kevin Smith Kirkwood, Blaine Alden Krauss, Kyle Post, Charlie Sutton, Joey Taranto, Jennifer Perry, John Jeffrey Martin, Adinah Alexander

Quality: A. Quite a few latecomers that walk in front but nothing too distracting

Kiss Me Kate
US Tour (New Haven)/America - June 24, 2001 

Rex Smith (Fred Graham/Petruchio), Rachel York (Lilli Vanessi/Katharine), Nancy Anderson (Lois Lane/Bianca), Jim Newman (Bill Calhoun/Lucentio), Chuck Wagner (Harrison Howell)

Kiss Me Kate at the Proms - BBC - MP4
London (Royal Albert Hall)/England - August 2, 2014

Ben Davis singer, Proms debut artist (Fred Graham / Petruchio), Alexandra Silber singer, Proms debut artist (Lilli Vanessi / Katherine), Tony Yazbeck singer, Proms debut artist (Bill Calhoun / Lucentio), Louise Dearman singer, Proms debut artist (Lois Lane / Bianca). 

John Wilson and his orchestra are joined by a spectacular ensemble of singers and dancers from Broadway and the West End for a unique performance of the classic musical Kiss Me, Kate.  HD recording 1.39 GB

Kiss of the Spiderwoman
São Paulo/Brazil - 2002

Cláudia Raia, Miguel Falabella, Tuca Andrada, Vera do Canto e Melo.


Kiss of the spiderwoman - Mp4
Amsterdam/The Netherlands - October 31, 2016

Alex Klaassen, René van Kooten, Marjolijn Teepen, Mike Reus, Sven Blom, Thomas Kuipers, Michiel De Meyer, Bastiaan Sparnaay

It’s the video of the second opening night in The Netherlands! Terrible audio, mostley filmed something else then the action on stage

Klaas Vaak
Kaatsheuvel (Eftelingtheater)/The Netherlands - 2013/2014 

Diederik Rep (Klaas Vaak), Willem-Jan Stouthart (Uil Oehoe Houdoe), Hein Gerrits (Hoofd zandkabouter Korrel), Eline Schmidt (Heks Noxana), Karel Simons (Kat Nachtschade/Zandkabouter Bak), Sabrine Hallewas (Zandkabouter Stuif/Grootmoeder), Manouk Pluis (Princes Anura), Hugo Wagenmakers (Hans), Roosmarijn Otten (Grietje), Juliana Zijlstra (Roodkapje).

ProShot, Efteling productions

Kleine blonde dood, de
The Netherlands - 2013/2014

William Spaaij (Boudewijn), Marjolein Teepen (Mieke), Davy Gomez (Micky).

Rare video. Many heads in the way and very shaky. Incomplete, stops at the middle of the fourth VOB. 

Seeking for the whole version

Fussen/Germany - August 28, 2012

Pia Douwes, Uwe Kröger, Janet Marie Chvatal and Marc Gremm

Korneuburger Musiksommer
Korneuburg/Germany - August 15, 2009 

More information needed

Kramer vs. Kramer - Preview - NFT
Deurne/The Netherlands - November 1, 2012

Pia Douwes, Olaf Malmberg, David Rebergen, Kees Boot, Margreet Boersbroek, Fenneke Dam


Kramer vs. Kramer - NFT
The Netherlands - 2013

Pia Douwes, Rick Engelkes, Jannes Heuvelmans, Stijn Westenend, Margreet Boersbroek, Fenneke Dam

Lovely capture; would love to have more info over date/place

Kramer vs. Kramer - NFT
Winterswijk/The Netherlands - March 8, 2013

Pia Douwes, Rick Engelkes, Stijn Westenend, Lasse de Mol, Margreet Boersbroek, Fenneke Dam


Kristin Chenoweth's Concert
Chicago/America - June 29, 2012

Final Concert that was astonishing and beautifully captured in HD! 
Songs include: Home, Going to the Dance, Maybe This Time, My Coloring Book, Hard Times, I'll Never Fall in Love Again, One Less Bell/A House Is Not a Home, Fathers and Daughters, Upon This Rock, Bring Him Home (The Prayer), In These Shoes, Popular, For Good, WWDD, Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again, What If We Never, I'm Tired, Enough Is Enough, All The Things You Are, I Was Here, I Will Always Love You, and more.. 

Kristin Chenoweth in concert
Madison/America - October 4, 2015

Beautiful HD concert with no obstructions. Kristin never fails with wonderful stories and beautiful vocals. Songs include: Should I Be Sweet, Maybe This Time, Taylor The Latte Boy, Fathers and Daughters, Dance 10 Looks 3, Moon River, I Could Have Danced All Night, Bring Him Home, Popular, For Good, Over the Rainbow, All the Things You Are, Little Sparrow, Upon This Rock, I Was Here, Smile. A

Kristin Chenoweth - My Love Letter to Broadway
Broadway/America - November 13, 2016

Kristin Chenoweth, Mary-Mitchell Campbell, Andy Karl. 

Excellent HD capture of the final performance! The surprise guest was Andy Karl who sang a song from Groundhog Day. A beautiful concert with some unscripted fun moments! One of Broadway's most genuine stars, Kristin connects with such honesty through story and song! A

Eindhoven (Park Theater)/The Netherlands - October 2011

Joes Brauers, Roel Vankerckhoven, Marleen van der Loo, Jennifer van Brenk, Timo Bakker, Hein Gerrits, Carmen Danen

Official pro shot recording of the show

Kuifje: de zonnetempel - last show (?)
Antwerp/Belgium - 2002

Kuifje - Tom Van Landuyt, Bobbie - Zohra en Zihna, Kapitein Haddock - Henk Poort, Bianca Castafiore - Jacqueline Van Quaille, Jansen - Chris Van den Durpel, Janssen - Guido Naessens, Professor Zonnebloem - Frans Van der Aa, Grote Inca - Chris De Moor, Bergamot - Ernst Van Looy, Fleur - Ianthe Tavernier, Zorrino - Stef Aerts

Pro shot, possibly from the last show in feb 2002. With a very young Ianthe Tavernier

Kunt u mij de weg naar Hamelen vertellen meneer
The Netherlands - 2004

Chantal Janzen, René van Kooten, Loeki Knol, Kim-Lian van der Meij, Ellis van Laarhoven, Danny Rook, Michel Sorbach, Jan Elbertse, Maarten Wansink, Job Schuring, Suzan Seegers


Kunt u mij de weg naar Hamelen vertellen meneer
The Netherlands - 2004

Chantal Janzen, René van Kooten, Loeki Knol, Kim-Lian van der Meij, Ellis van Laarhoven, Danny Rook, Michel Sorbach, Jan Elbertse, Maarten Wansink, Job Schuring, Suzan Seegers

Amateur recording, nog enough close ups for me personally, but good quality considering its age

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