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Just some gifts for you; to get you started, to thank you all and just because giving is fun!

DVD and audio; Broadway, West End and Europe. Just a bit of diversity :)

Musical classics 2012 - Rotterdam (Ahoy)/The Netherlands - March 30, 2012 [DVD]!05NEiLxT!oeJP5AizOalyb2wAOCfjrA
Snow white Christmas, A -  Pasadena, CA/America - December 15, 2012 [DVD]!aRhTkRgL!SyBepj5eDetfY9mvEJuQOg
Wicked - Madison (2NT)/America - May 28, 2013 [DVD]!vkpyABLK!YUcBUm2ctboVYCPhEXnn2w

Phantom of the Opera - London/England - January 14, 2016 - Matinee [Audio]!QYtV2bDB!k2JrCRKFMdBMNVbVNeyciv7gYYzHzcirseoIcqydQmg 

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